Worth a few cents per day

I am a sophomore at Edward Little High School. I have been following the school budget approval process between the School Committee and the City Council and I am outraged with what is happening.

It is ridiculous that some city councilors fail to see the value of education in Auburn. The original 2011-2012 budget submitted by the School Committee included a 5.1 percent increase in this year's budget, amounting to about an extra $1.8 million, or a tax increase of $85 on homes valued at $160,000. That comes out to about 23 cents a day.

Isn't a child's education worth an extra 23 cents a day?

How can the four city councilors who voted this budget down tell any student or teacher that the education of a child is not worth a quarter a day?

Why are we not worth it?

Do they not want us to get the best education possible?

The decision has a huge impact on our education today and a lasting impact on the lives of every Auburn student who will receive a lesser education due to the drastic cuts the councilors have forced the School Committee to make.

I can't vote, but the parents of Auburn children can. They should vote against the school budget referendum on May 17 and indicate that the budget is too low.

The four city councilors must realize that the public doesn't agree with them.

We are worth an extra 23 cents a day.

Zachary Tannenbaum, Auburn

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Jason Theriault's picture

Well Played

It's nice to see a well thought out and articulated letter to the editor.

However, I disagree with the assumption that the fault of the cuts belong to the city council. The school board has made some poor choices that took any creditbility that the school board had and tossed it out the window.

Tax payers in Auburn are already facing tax hikes just to keep services on par with where they are now. The economy is starting to improve, but we are still in quite the hole. Increasing the budget would be a hard sell for the school board as it was, then they decided to go shopping for ipads.

Now, I think ipads are wonderful. My 4 year old can play "Angry Birds" with the best of em, and the interactive storybooks are fantastic. But to introduce a program like that now shows a complete lack of understanding of the crunch everyone is feeling, and makes me feel like they don't know how to prioritize where to spend money. This make me want to give them less, not more money. Hell, they still spend $50,000 on ipads in a pilot program.

Jim Cyr's picture

23 cents or 50 cents

Throwing more money does not make a more educated student body and your perception of of the public not agreeing with the councilors needs further review on your part! You need to apply yourself Zach!!


Nobody can take away your education Zach

The more YOU put into it,the more YOU'LL get out of it.


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