LePage: Jobs jobs needed to keep our gradates in Maine

AUGUSTA (AP) — With thousands of students graduating this month from Maine’s colleges and universities, Gov. Paul LePage says the state must create more jobs so more of those graduates stick around after receiving their degrees.

In his weekly radio address Saturday, the governor said young men and women who go to college in Maine won’t be able to stay if they can’t find jobs.

He says job creation is a top priority and that he’s working to make the state more attractive for businesses that will create the jobs that will allow young people to call Maine home.

He also says Maine needs a better-trained work force to meet the needs of businesses. He says just 39 percent of Maine adults now hold degrees beyond high school.

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AL PELLETIER's picture

Come on folks

Perhaps if we came up with great ideas on how to create jobs in Maine it would happen. I came up with one in my previous post, now lets hear yours. I'm waiting-------. Lets quit being critics and come up with ideas. Think out of the box. How about a five year sales and business tax deferment to new businesses in Maine who employ 10 or more with above minimum wage income and good STATE, backed health benefits. Just ideas, Governor.

 's picture

And Tired

And, the other note I will make is, in stating these facts, which I will say we have all been saying since I have been working in economic development, so at least 16 years, the Governor is only repeating old information. Old and tired information. Nothing new.

After 5 months it would be really great to see/hear and this is my plan: with an outline of goals and objectives in writing.
We all KNOW jobs are needed...I just want to know what specific action- which one exactly is going to create more jobs...he said that would be his first priority- it has not been- what has/is he doing to create jobs right now? Not just get on the radio and state that we need them? We all know that!!!

AL PELLETIER's picture

job creation

Your right on the money. Where are specific plans or even an idea on how to create jobs in Maine?
I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but do know sometimes you have to give up a little to gain allot. How about making our toll highways toll free to all commercial vehicles who's business is headquartered here in Maine. Sure we would lose some highway revenue but it would put us on the same business playing field as New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. I'm sure this would improve the pro-business climate more then hiding a mural. Our lawmakers and governor have to start thinking about giving up a little, get creative to get back allot.

 's picture

Maine's young people staying

Thank you, Tom. I have been concerned for some time about this mantra of wanting to keep our young people here.
While the quality of jobs is important, there are other factors.
As a mother, I want my two young adult children to feel free and believe that they can do anything they want to, that they can fly. Our family loved learning and exploring when they were growing up.
I hope that they are curious, confident, open young people who are willing to learn, take risks, grow and explore. So, far, they seem to be doing just that.

There is a whole world out there! It is amazing, there is so much to see and do and learn.

Attracting people to live, work and play here is the responsibility of all community members. If in doing this, people, -young people see the kind of community they can find good jobs in, raise their families, make a living, great!!
If not, how selfish to say..."let's keep our young people here" and you take care of us and fix these problems, too.

Jobs are certainly a very important, vital part of a decision to live in the state of Maine, but other factors certainly weigh in, such as is the community welcoming of who I am? How are the schools? What is the cultural and art life like here? Is there civic engagement? These are just the beginning of questions that I would ask before moving somewhere...

I have lived here for 46 years and until recently did not realize that I had never considered that I had a choice to leave Maine. It was simply not an option that was ever discussed, considered or even a thought in my mind. I did move several years ago temporarily, but when I was raised here, as I believe so many others were, the luxury of leaving was not an option.

I did not do it consciously, but made it clear to my children that they DID have choices.

THAT is the greatest gift we can give our children. Give them excellent education. (which means better funding) Dynamic communities to live in and set them free.

When they or others are attracted to live on our community because we are a dynamic, thriving place to live, than we will have accomplished something grand. The people who choose to live here will contribute more because it is their choice to do so.

 's picture


Please tell me that the newspaper went out with "graduate" spelled correctly, and not spelled as "gradates" like it is in this headline.

 's picture

and ...

Dan, President Obama has been in office over 2 years and unemployment is now worse than when he took office. Unemployment in Maine is lower. Yeah, I know you've got that one line. "Bush screwed up the economy for the last eight years and it is going to take time". Well, the Democrats have been in control for 40 years here in Maine. Well, you are going to have to give the Governor a little more time to clean up the bad policies of the past 40 years. The question are, "Is Maine unemployment rate going down?" Yes. "Is the national rate going up?" Yes.

 's picture

not surprised by your comments

Dan, I'm not at all surprised by your comment. You cannot defend your position, so what do you do show no respect for the Governor and start name calling.

Dan, the point I was making, was that he has been in office 5 months and you want him to clean up 40 years of bad policies and that President Obama has been in office 2 plus years and the situation is now worse than when he took office and the left's talking points are "Well it is going to take time to clean up the 8 years of Bush".

There has been 40 years of failed policies in the state and it is going to take more than a few months to clear up. Unemployment in the state is going down slowly. It will take longer to attract businesses back to this state than it took to drive them away.

 's picture

what does race have to do with this

Dan, what does the race of the President have to do with this?

It is obvious that you have not respect for our Governor. Unemployment is going DOWN in this state. It took 40 years for the Dems to mess it up and it will take more than 5 months to clean it up. Unemployment is down from a year ago in Maine.

Now back to my point on President Obama. I was pointing out the left wing wacko talking point that those like yourself on the left like to point out. The other point I was making is you want Governor LePage to turn things around if 5 months yet President Obama has made things worse in his two years and yet we hear no complains for those of the left.

 's picture

Well you are partly right

Dan, you are right that you have no respect for the Governor. The difference between you and I, is that I will at least show respect for he office, which you cannot. For you it is partisan. You have NO RESPECT for anyone who does not support your leftist political agenda. It is that simple.

Again, you fail to comprehend my point about the President. I was giving you LEFT WING WACKO talking points. You and your left wing comrades keep saying it is going to take time to clean up from the 8 years of President Bush. THE POINT I AM MAKING IS THAT YOU AND YOUR LEFT WING COMRADES WANT TO GIVE THE PRESIDENT TIME TO FIX 8 YEARS BUT DON'T WANT TO GIVE THE GOVERNOR TIME TO FIX 40 YEARS OF LEFT WING DESTRUCTIVE POLICIES. Sorry to tell you this, but it will take more than 5 months to fix 40 YEARS of disastrous policies. When unemployment drops in this state, who will you give credit to?

 's picture

Now I will call you a liar

Dan, I never said you lied. Besides, everyone here can see it for themselves. You have have never shown any respect for others that disagree with you. When you refer to President Bush, you refer to him as "bush", yet you referred to President Obama as "President Obama".

I disagree with President Obama's philosophy, but I can at least pay the man the respect he deserves. You simple can't and refuse to! Where because you disagree with someone, you have to try and diminish them by calling them names "taliban paul".

Dan, your views are NOT moderate. Yes, I might be right wing, but I am also intelligent enough and man enough to recognize it.

Dan do you believe in President Obama's Health care?
Do you believe in high taxes?
Do you believe that we should limit drilling for oil off our shores?
Do you believe that the government can improve the lives of individual?

 's picture

As long as you are reading

As long as you are reading stats, look closely to see where the increase in jobs, and decrease in unemployment has come in Maine. It all came before the end of 2010. We are in a jobs freefall under LePage, in March alone the state lost over 5000 jobs. 5000 less people working! Unemployment has been balanced out somewhat in the state by the huge numbers of people dropping off the unemployment list, but the unemployment rate has in fact increased under LePage. Many of these long unemployed just simply left the state for state with actual job opportunity. And why is this all happening in Maine when our governor is lining up all the regulations to open things up? All across the country jobs are being created, 2 months in a row with over a quarter million more jobs, but Maine is left behind. We voted for a man qualified to manage a retail savage outlet, and that's what we got. Salvaged goods.

 's picture

can you site a source

I cannot not find anything to show where Maine lost 5000 jobs in March. From what I can find unemployment was 8.5% in both February and March. If we lost 5000 jobs in March, unemployment would have gone up to probably 15 to 20% in Maine. The only reference I can find to the number 5000 is that there are 5000 more people working than a year ago.

 's picture


You're not looking hard enough Ray.
From the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Total non farm employment as of end of Feb 2010, 599,600.
Total non farm employment as of end of Mar 2010, 594,500.

Quote from the BLS 4/21/2011. Reference to Employment figures end of March 2011.
" Maine experienced the largest over-the-month percentage decrease in employment (-0.9 percent), followed by
Connecticut and Hawaii (-0.4 percent each) and Louisiana (-0.3 percent)."
" Two states experienced statistically significant over-the-month declines in employment: Connecticut (-6,000)
and Maine (-5,100)." From the following site.

The information is actually on Maines DOL site too, though they tried real hard last month to downplay the numbers.
"Estimates of nonfarm payroll jobs for the six months following annually revised data—from October through March—have been volatile, surging through January and plunging since. These estimates, provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, do a poor job reflecting monthly employment trends in Maine. According to BLS estimates there were 594,500 nonfarm payroll jobs in March, down 5,100 over the month. We continue to advise users to look at multi-month trends rather than individual months to be informed about the level and rate of change in jobs in Maine. Nationally, nonfarm payroll jobs increased 216,000 in March."
Here's the page with that info
and at this site you can see a nice table.

 's picture


Thanks. I did not find that. Thanks again for citing your sources.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Dan, his daughter got one and we're paying her pretty darn good too!


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