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I am appalled that Gov. Paul LePage is considering removing funding for the Maine Public Broadcasting Network. That is another example of his efforts to block Mainers from educational opportunities and from provocative dialogue. Those things are the foundation of our constitutional rights, and a well-educated electorate is essential for that to work.

The constituency must speak up and protect their rights to hear all sides of the argument.

I hope the voters of Maine will join me in support of MPBN and the wonderful work it does to help us understand the world around us.

Jean Domaingue, Lewiston

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Mike True's picture


Whilst there are those that doest protest - MPBN is the voice of a more pure, non-commercial messenger. All Things Considered, Maine Things Considered, Click and Clack, Fresh Air, ... all programming that takes in depth looks at issues and problems of the day. Since there are no commercials, more time and detail can be included in the presentation. It is also good that there is no conflict of interest wrt the desires of the commercial world. There is no liberal bias - only the lack of the right wing bias that is so prevalent on talk radio and FOX news. So I agree with you Jean.
Mike True - Lille

 's picture

By the way.

Use of the word "whilst" in public is prima facie evidence of extreme elitism, one manifestation of which is the delusion that one's opinion is the same as truth.

 's picture

Thanks for your opinions.

The subject at hand is: Why should I or anyone else be forced to subsidize your opinions through our taxes? If you like the programming so much, please consider increasing your pledged amount to sycophant level. In return, you'll receive a nice pair of blue tinted sunglasses.

 's picture

Considering his track record...

...why are you appalled at anything this loose cannon does?

 's picture


It is a well known fact, the truth has a liberal bias.

What's well known, Lilly, is the problem with categorical statements: If you can find just one counter example, the statement is crapola. For example: There are 60 seconds in a minute. That statement is true, no bias one way or the other. Here's the fact:

If a statement has liberal bias, it has a kernel of truth that has been mangled beyond recognition in support of liberal ideology.

 's picture


You could either watch Faux News, or you could watch the truth.

 's picture

Still hung up on ...

... on Faux. You gotta go with what you know. Indeed, I could watch all those wholly owned subsidiaries of the DNC's ministry of truth, just about everything except FNC. I could watch, but I'll never see the truth.

RONALD RIML's picture

Liberal is an 'Ideology" as Conservatism is a Mental


 's picture

well known

It is a well known fact, the truth has a liberal bias.

RONALD RIML's picture

If we can continue to fund Conservation for Gun Crazies

There should at least be a few $$$ left over MPBN Culture Crazies

Even make them buy a License......

Robert Hemingway's picture


Their is no blocking of MPBN going on by anyone.The question is do we continue to force taxpayers that do not listen to MPBN to pay the bill?Why must we complicate everything?I have dish tv.Do the tax payers pay my tv bill?If you listen to MPBN then you pay for it but don't tell people who do not listen to it that they must pay for it for you.

 's picture

MPBN is biased media to the

MPBN is biased media to the max. If they were truly necessary they could make it on their own without both federal and state assistance.

Their liberal spin on most things has prevented me from donating to them for many many years. When I wrote them to tell them of my opinion they didn't even have the decency of a reply.

That in itself show an arrogance that is unacceptable.

Jim Cyr's picture

Defund MPBN

We whole heartedly agree with you, Mr.Mattson! Not a function of government to support such an enterprise. If lack of government funds constitutes "blocking educational opportunities" from such a BIAS organization, we are in real trouble! This current administration seems to be on the right path to a more Constitutional mandate of government! We indeed have a spending problem!

 's picture

All sides?

A typical panel discussion on MPBN consists of a few liberals and one token moderate, all saying about the same thing. It's dialogue, I suppose, but hardly provocative when you hear only views with which you already agree. Education is teaching how to think, not what to think.

You have the right to shoot your mouth off; you have the freedom to seek out other sides, some or all. It is a false premise to suggest that only MPBN allows you to understand the difference.

PAUL MATTSON's picture

Partisan Broadcasts Should not be Subsidised by Taxpayers

If MPBN is worthy it could/would stand on its own two feet like the rest of America.


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