Child bit by pit bull, owner issued summons

LIVERMORE FALLS — A local woman was issued a summons on a civil violation of being a keeper of a dangerous dog on Saturday night after a pit bull bit the face of a 5-year-old child visiting her two days earlier, police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said Monday.

Animal Control Officer Wayne Atwood , accompanied by police Lt. Thomas Gould, issued the summons to Heather Pike, 31, of Pine Ridge Loop, Livermore Falls, Steward said.

Pike said that Skidder, a 1-year-old pit bull, was tied up outside on his run on Thursday, when her niece went over and struck him with a book. She was bitten once, Pike said. The child’s mother was also at Pike’s residence.

Pike said she tells all the people that come to her house not to go near the dogs, not that they’re vicious, but because they could be tripped by the dogs. She also has a German shepherd and is taking care of a beagle for someone else.

They are lap dogs, she said.

“I was utterly shocked this would happen,” Pike said. “They’re not vicious.”

Atwood said he was alerted to the situation after he received a call from emergency room staff at a Lewiston hospital. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services and the state Animal Welfare Program are also involved in the case, he said.

Skidder, the dog, is on quarantine until May 22 at the Kennebec Humane Society in Augusta, Atwood said. The child was bitten around the mouth area, he said.

On Saturday, Atwood said he and Gould went over to the residence to see if Pike would voluntarily surrender the dog to the shelter. The answer was “no,” Atwood said, and he issued Pike, who is the registered owner of the dog, a summons on the civil violation.

Gould contacted the district attorney’s office to find out what else could be done, Atwood said.

Gould wrote up an order that told Pike that police and Atwood would begin checking Pike’s property on May 23, the day the dog is released, to make sure the dog is muzzled, restrained or confined, Atwood said.

If any violations are noticed, they will immediately begin contacting the court to have an ex-parte order issued that would let the dog be taken from the owners until a court hearing, Atwood said.

Pike is scheduled to appear on the dangerous dog violation on Tuesday, June 15 at Lewiston District Court, he said.

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It is soo sad all the ngative pit bulls recieve the dog was on the owners property and the child hit the dog in the head with a book!! Why is the dog considered dangerous when it was just defending itself on its own property. This is soo wrong on soo many different levels.

Audrey Alcala's picture

If the owner is keeping the

If the owner is keeping the dog tied up,on her own property...then a rotten little kid goes over and wacks the dog with a book.........why is she being summonsed???? Whether the dog is a pitbull or not, the dog was provoked!!! Any type of dog would have reacted the same way!! She should not have had to give up her dog. She was doing what she should do, maybe someone should summons the kids mother for endangering the welfare of her child???

Jeff Douglas's picture

what am i missing

the dog was tied up and the child went over to the dog. this isint a case of a dangerous dog running free. the owner was acting responsibily. why the summons?


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