Cut the funding

Gov. Paul LePage is right. Back when there was just a handful of channels, I could see a need for taxpayers to support Maine Public Broadcasting Network, especially for children's programming. Today, with hundreds of channels via satellite and cable television, it's time to end the taxpayer support, especially in these difficult times.

I'm glad LePage has the courage to make these important choices needed to bring some fiscal sanity back to this state. I wish the political leaders in Washington had the same courage as Gov. LePage.

Dennis Arsenault, South Paris

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Let's see, MPBN......a propaganda arm of the democratic party. I wonder how many minutes a person would have to watch it to come up with a sweeping judgment like that? Was it the British comedies? Big Bird? The opera? The in depth look at WWII? Perhaps the Nature program? The documentary on the fight for Civil Rights? The whole point of having public media is to avoid the corporate sponsored brainwashing going on in the rest of the media. As for funding, if the government can fund NASCAR it can throw a few dollars at public television too.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

All of the above....

All of the above....


Corporate monopoly

Public radio and television represents the only media not beholden to for-profit corporations. Do we really want Mattel and Disney to be the only voice our children hear? Is it OK that GE, Disney, and Roger Ailes get to decide what is or is not news in this country? What about support for the arts? Are commercials really a good substitute for art? It is disingenuous to say that people who want this type of programming should pay for it themselves when it is in competition with all the corporate media and money in the country.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Those who want a continuation

Those who want a continuation of MPBN should be willing to pony up and support it themselves. The rest of us shouldn't have to be burdened with supporting it through taxpayer subdidies. MPBN has proven itself to be not much more than the propaganda arm of the democrat party. Not even close to fair and balanced. If you want it, become a subscriber; this Pirate will pass. I guess that makes me disingenuous.

Jim Cyr's picture


Mr. St. Jean, you are correct and we support your view as well!! Those who can't stand "Free Enterprise" competition support the "Nanny State" instead!


Assuming you can afford 250 cable channels

Let's see, you could replace Lehrer News Hour with Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Cenk Ugyur and Chris Matthews. Sesame Street = Looney Tunes if you want well drawn cartoons or Transformers if all you want is loud noise. Cage Fighting or The Bachelor instead of Frontline. Mad Money is so much better than Maine Watch. Survivor beats Nova.

I suppose it the CW from the Beer and Bait Store prevails...

Yes Mr. Arsenault - LePage is correct and even right - somewhere to the right of Attila actually - we do need to make painful cuts. I'd suggest we begin with the Office of Governor.

Bob Woodbury's picture

Well done!

Well thought out and well written. Too bad the governor doesn't read. Oh, sorry. I meant to say too bad the governor doesn't read newspapers.

Cutting Maine PBSoranyPBS funding

Is extremely penny wise and pound foolish!;is Lepage, my highscool classmate , ie creationism,afraid of the facts?


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