Aho to end 'Weekly Review'

AUBURN — A weekly memo designed to tell residents what's going on at Auburn Hall will be suspended, City Manager Glenn Aho said.

Aho has written the weekly updates since he came to the city in 2008. He writes them over the weekend, emailing them to councilors on Sunday and to local newspapers.

"There are a few councilors that really don't like the weekly review," Aho said. "If it's going to cause them consternation, these are the people I work for. Why do that?"

Councilors on Monday said they wanted to schedule a workshop to discuss the memos. Aho said Wednesday he might continue them after talking with councilors.

"My understanding has been that they want me to write more about what I've done for the week, the meetings I've attended," Aho said. "But I want more direction from them."

City Councilor Dan Herrick said he's often been surprised by items in the weekly review.

"We, as a council, ought to know and discuss what goes in the review before it gets printed," Herrick said. "I don't mind if he writes it and I think it's great to get it out in the public, for people who missed the meeting, if that's the kind of discussion he writes."

Herrick said the reviews have been used to steer council decisions.

"He throws us councilors under the bus in that weekly review," Herrick said. "I've been dragged through the mud because of things he's written."

Aho said that was never his intention.

"People just want to know what's going on in their city government," he said. "If we are not communicating that, we are changing, I think residents have a right to be upset with us. We need to outline what we are doing to demonstrate that we have heard the public."

Aho said he didn't know what would replace the weekly reviews.

"If they want to do something during the meetings, I suppose we can do that," he said.


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Aho's columns

As a forme rcouncilor, my experience is that we have more to fear from Aho, than councilor Herrick,who is sincere,open, +honest!

Chris Blake's picture

Not Liking the same as Not True?

I understand as a hired position Mr. Aho isn't in a place where he can freely critique his bosses, but maybe he should be. I don't see anything in the article above that definitively states the things Mr. Aho has released are untrue. Just that they bother some councilors. Do they bother all councilors? Can we hear from someone not bothered?

If Mr. Aho has been substantively incorrect or untruthful that's one thing. However as a citizen of Auburn, if some members of the council are acting inappropriately, I want to hear about it, not have the information massaged and spun because it makes those person(s) uncomfortable.

Councilman Herrick may feel like he's been thrown under the bus, but from what I've seen of his actions as reported in this paper, and from friends more in touch with Auburn government than I, he's a bit late in worrying about his public image and how his rash actions are perceived by the community. Seems to me we deserve someone willing to stand up and point out when any of our elected officials aren't doing their best at the job, and I applaud Mr. Aho for trying to do that.


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