9-year-old Naples boy shot in head, uncle arrested

NAPLES — A 9-year-old boy was shot in the head with a pellet gun Thursday and his uncle was arrested.

Cumberland County Jail

Daniel McGill

Police said a pellet lodged in the front of Gavin Gilmore's brain after the shooting at 409 Lambs Mill Road.

Gavin was taken to Bridgton Hospital with life-threatening injuries. He was later moved to Maine Medical Center in Portland where his condition was still unknown early Friday, according to police.

Daniel McGill, 26, of Naples, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and assaulting a police officer.

Deputies from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office went to Lambs Mill Road at about 5:30 p.m. for what was reported as a shooting.

Police said the boy had been shot with a .177-caliber pellet gun. As a deputy tried to retrieve the weapon, police said, he was shoved by McGill, leading to a physical confrontation that left Sgt. Josh Potvin with a cut on his hand.

In a press release, investigators said McGill appeared extremely intoxicated and that he made statements indicating he had shot his nephew while attempting to shoot at squirrels in the backyard.

Police said Gavin's mother, 34-year-old Bevin Greer, was inside the home at the time and did not witness the shooting.

Later Thursday night, police remained at the home, examining the scene of the shooting as the investigation continued.

McGill, who suffered minor facial injuries in the scuffle with police, was treated by a paramedic and taken to Cumberland County Jail, where he was being booked Thursday night.

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Lori D'Amico's picture

God Bless The Child

This is an outrage! As others pointed out, this child--NO child, should be allowed to be around someone who is intoxicated and has a dangerous weapon. This guy gives the word "uncle" a bad name! I have nieces and a nephew and I would put MYSELF in harm's way before I'd EVER do harm to a child! I pray this little boy makes a speedy recovery.

Sandra Coulombe's picture

I hope this poor child fully

I hope this poor child fully recovers. I also hope he is placed with a far more loving and responsible family. The mother was inside allowing her nine year old to be outside with someone highly intoxicated with a firearm! No she deserves no more understanding than the idiot with the gun.

Extremely intoxicated with a

Extremely intoxicated with a weapon..not a good combination..why was he outside this house with a gun and the nine year old?? I understand it was just a pellet gun, but as anyone can see, a pellet gun can be just as dangerous..

Sadie Roberts's picture

DAN & AUDREY i agree with

DAN & AUDREY i agree with both of you. what is wrong with people. i'm hearing more stories of children being abuse or killed. i have no pitty on the one;s who do this to children. i say dig a hole for these people.

I so agree with you , but

I so agree with you , but afraid to make comments because of the rules on this sunjournal link...i have no pity for anyone that hurts a child

 's picture

A prime example of someone

A prime example of someone that should not be allowed around children.......just saying!!


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