Taking from the poor

I am deeply concerned over the proposed Republican budget for Maine. The package includes deep cuts in services, while giving tax breaks to big, out-of-state businesses and those making more than $350,000 a year.

The proposed budget cuts $35 million by eliminating MaineCare for 30,000 people who earn less than $10,000 a year. It also eliminates the Drugs for the Elderly Program, which hurts more than 33,000 of Maine’s senior citizens.

Taking from the poor and giving to the rich is certainly not what I would consider to be “People before politics.”

Maine people deserve better than that.

Stacy Dostie, Sabattus

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Two to tango

If this is a tango it is the worst excuse for dancing ever. We all agree that we are in a crisis. Unfortunately nobody seems to be able to think ahead or to think creatively. When did we lose that? We used to have it. All I'm hearing from both the Left and the Right are tired old solutions that have failed either in the past or elsewhere where they have been tried. It's as if we are driving with our eyes glued to the rear view mirror and blaming each other because we are bumping into things. Hopefully our children will be smarter than we are.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Except for Mr. Fogg, the rest

Except for Mr. Fogg, the rest of you are acting as though the Republicans are the only party that exists in Maine. They've had plenty of help from the democrats in screwing up the State of Maine. Takes two to tango, baby.


Nobody owns tomorrow

Those people who are in nursing homes now did save for their elder years. At their peak earning years they were making maybe 3 to 6 thousand dollars a year. The average cost for nursing home care is 7 to 9 thousand dollars a month and many people are now living long enough to be in such facilities for years. Only the very highest earners would have saved that much money. Those of us who are saving for retirement will probably have enough to get through the first 10 years but retirement nowadays can last 25 or 30 years. It will be interesting to see what society will choose to do with us for those last 10 years.

Nathan Schultz's picture

Nail on the head

You are absolutely correct that retirement can last 25-30 years for some. With the average life expectancy working its way up to 80 years old the idea that retiring after working for 30 years should be over unless u have earned enough to pay your own way. If people continue to live longer and contribute the same amount of productive years the math for taking care of everyone living longer does not work, even if every able bodied individual worked a full thirty years. We are guaranteed life, liberty and the persuit of happiness, we are not guaranteed food, clothing, shelter, meds, or an easy aging process.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It's not gonna be pretty,

It's not gonna be pretty, Claire..many of us will outlive our retirement packages. Hopefully, Social Security won't be abolished; it may become our last bastion of survival.

Yes Maine people deserve better than that..

This is what seems to be happening all over the U.S. The elected officials are hurting the most vunerable people in our society and turning them into the streets. People making less than $10,000 a year cannot afford to buy any kind of insurance, no matter how cheap it would be. They need every last cent to pay rent and eat and if lucky enough to have a vehicle, buy a little gas to get around. And talk about elder abuse, they are leaving the elderly in a very bad state..Shame on Lepage and all the other people that stand behind this reform..


The wagon pullers

Eliminating the Drugs for Seniors program means that an elderly nursing home patient whose money has nearly all been taken by the nursing home has no money to pay for meds and will likely die without them . I guess this is some version of the Republican "death panel". The wagon pullers need to know this is the fate that will await them one day.

Aw yes, but they will have

Aw yes, but they will have all the money they need to take care of themselves in their senior years..they are taking it all now and not caring who is left behind..

 's picture

Those Maine people who are

Those Maine people who are smart enough to get educated and get decent jobs are able to prepare for their senior years. Those who are so enthralled with the entitlement mentality have not done anything to prepare for growing old. Those who are riding in the wagon are going to be some put out when those pulling it say enough and stop.

Some are truly needy and will be helped, but those who have had their hands out their whole lives better look out because the gravy days are over. As a wagon puller I am glad the riders are being dislodged.

Is your head in a fog ??? Not

Is your head in a fog ??? Not everyone has had the same chances in life..God forbid anyone is born into a poor family..you need to get a heart..

 's picture

Let me add...-

At almost 79 let me add that I am tired of being told that I have to "spread the wealth" to people who don't have my work ethic. I am tired of being told by the government that they will take my money, by force, and give it to people too lazy to earn it. I am tired of people with a sense of entitlement, rich or poor. And I am real tired of people who don't take responsibility for their lives and actions. I am tired of hearing them blame the government, discrimination or other reasons for the mess they find themselves in. Don't expect me to feel sorry for you, you made your own bed; now lie in it!

Don't feel sorry for me old man

I work and pay taxes like everybody else..and have paid into the SS system, and every other tax you can pile on me..I don't feel entitled to anything, but I do have a heart that is open to the struggles of the poor and I am emphathetic to the needs of others. It is quite obvious where your heart is..nothing else said so enjoy your life and money!

 's picture

I was born poor as well but made good choices!

It is all a matter of choices. I was born at home on a dirt Maine farm. Raised to be a farmer. Decided that was not going to hack it and although scared to death of failure I worked my way through a 2 year tech school and joined the worlds largest communications company.
We are all born the same but many make bad choices or no choices at all and that creates what you are all harping about. Why should I, who worked hard to be successful, support those who were not due to their inability to make the correct choices? It is too bad you made bad choices but we all started out equally and it was those with their hands out who, in my opinion, deserve what they get. Where in our Constitution does it say that we should give half the citizens government help paid for by the other half?

 's picture

You say...

"Those Maine people who are smart enough to get educated and get decent jobs are able to prepare for their senior years."

I did that with a pension and two IRA's, putting needed money away for my "senior years." Or at least that is what I thought I was doing. Though I "gave till it hurt," it wasn't enough. Now you say I'm one of "Those who are so enthralled with the entitlement mentality have not done anything to prepare for growing old." There are no extenuating circumstances. It was only my stupidity.

Damned if I did. Damned if I didn't. You have a convenient way of making all this my fault.

Sadie Roberts's picture

i'd like to kick lepage out

i'd like to kick lepage out

I'll hold him and you

I'll hold him and you Kick..as hard as you can


Are you serious ?

Are you saying that the democrat's party is compiled of the ( "older and handicapped people")? If the republicans can kill off that population then they will (" eliminate their voting bloc ") I would think that all people vote, young and old handicap and non-handicap alike as well as democrats and republicans. It is what it is Dan, the people in office were voted in and the generational handouts have to be managed better as Maine is sinking like a rock. Change is difficult but necessary if Maine is to recover.

 's picture

Well said.

Hear, hear!


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