Lesson from a loser

On May 13, I was picking up area children and bringing them to my inner-city ministry, the Jesus Party, on Bates Street in Lewiston. The corners of Park, Knox, Spruce and Bates streets were blocked by police cars.

The next morning, I was confronted with the front page of the Sun Journal that pictured a man being arrested by police for shooting off a gun in a crowded section of the downtown. The smile that was on the gunman’s face was unbelievably disturbing.

I would imagine that he has framed the front page and is being admired by his friends.

I would rather have seen the front page show the gunman’s face shoved into the pavement and the foot of the police officer on the back of his neck. I wonder what kind of facial expression he would have displayed if that had occurred.

In the same edition of the paper on the Religion page, the Rev. Michael Ambler of Bath stated he did not think that a church can, or should, allow the front-page news of the day, whatever it is, to necessarily set the agenda for any given Sunday. I disagree, and this week my sermon, with Bible and newspaper in hand, will be, “Take a lesson from a loser.”

Some may question my love and concern with the tone of this letter, but my love and concern is for the children and elderly who live in the neighborhood.

The Rev. Douglas Taylor, Lewiston

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Miranda Webber's picture

Personally i find this letter

Personally i find this letter disturbing on many levels, wishing violence on people dosent become anyone, and teaching children about losers? I thought it was about teaching forgiveness? I find it pretty wrong to be teaching children about this or any subject that has to do with people getting arrested at such an early age, for its not age appropriate, then again anytime i read a letter from the rev. i completely question whether he really has a vested interest in the children or glorifying his own agenda, i was an inner city child, and i find that the constant letters written and articles in the paper are all about ego and not the children or else he wouldnt need the constant attention about it, I also disagree with the way they go about getting children into thier church, and thier views on many things.


Great observation Mr. Taylor

I could'nt have said it better Mr. St.Jean. Doug"s a good man.Can't always agree with him,but his heart's in the right place.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great letter, Rev. Taylor. I,

Great letter, Rev. Taylor. I, also, was taken aback by the young man's smile in the Sun Journal photo. He is employing a very effective technique for confounding one's enemies, that being the ability to smile in the face of adversity. It's effectiveness is confirmed by your response to it. Unfortunately, this particular individual has chosen to channel it in a negative direction.
The children of Lewiston are very fortunate to have you as their champion, sir. Keep up the good fight.


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