Blame Democrats for high fuel cost

Gasoline is almost $4 per gallon and many people have had to restrict the use of their cars. I have, and it is not necessary. The Democrats in Congress, with the help of the Republicans-in-name-only, have done it to us all with their regulations that produce economic strangulation.

There are millions and millions of barrels of oil under the Arctic off the north slope of Alaska, but the Democrats, with the help of Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, have consistently voted to lock up that oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They do it in the name of preserving a "pristine wilderness." But let's look at the facts.

Wildlife, such as polar bears, reindeer and migratory birds, have not suffered because of oil extraction operations at Prudhoe Bay, west of the ANWR. Probably the vast mosquito population has also survived. Even the native Eskimo population favors more oil well drilling.

Alaska has nearly 600,000 square miles of land area. That includes an enormous wilderness of tremendous variety. Oil drilling operations in a very small portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would produce extremely significant quantities of petroleum with absolutely no significant impact on the wildlife. Imagine a postage stamp on a football field, that would be the size of the environmental impact on Alaska if oil drilling operations had been allowed.

For years, Democrats and Snowe and Collins have voted to lock that oil up. They prefer to have oil imported from the Middle East.

Shame, Shame.

Harvey Lord, South Paris

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Jim Cyr's picture

High Cost of OIL

The true blame belongs to over regulations, government taxes on gas far exceeds the profits of the oil barons, and lets not forget the biggest culprit.....the printing presses!

David  Cote's picture

Almost on empty

Exxon-Mobil made a profit of $10.65 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2011. Then they practically apologized for that despite the $4.00 a gallon + price at the pumps. They paint themselves out to be the scapegoats but that's a bunch of horse droppings because they've been doing this all along. And I understand speculators have a lot to do with the prices but it seems we've driven down this road way too much, and we are almost on empty.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Really Mark

Have you ever heard of supply and demand? If the US were to stop impoting our oil what would happen to the price of oil around the globe. There would be no more OPEC. The oil producers would have to compete price wise to sell their precious oil.

 's picture


"The oil producers would have to compete price wise to sell their precious oil." Okay, in the supply and demand equation, what's to stop the oil companies from cutting back on the supply a bit to increase prices? Maybe they'll call it "refinery maintenance" or "pipeline maintenance", and the price will rise to what the market will bear. And, please explain why American oil would not be sold to the highest bidder on the world market at world market prices? Also, what's to stop OPEC from opening the spigot enough to make their oil more attractive than our oil, driving American producers out of business? Supply and demand?

 's picture


He's never heard of the concept. To acknowledge that law would blow out of the water all his silly liberal ideas that have but one aim - to keep us dependent. Ernest, you're wasting your breath.

 's picture

The whole thing is a temspest

The whole thing is a temspest in a tea cup. The current administration wants oil to go up. They forgot one thing. We may just stop buying it. In just September of 2008 Americans drove 35 BILLION less mile for just that month, which caused a glut, supertankers were floating about the Atlantic with no where to go. And gas prices went down. Most people I know who actually own property and pay taxes are slowly converting to alternatives. People plan the use of their vehicles now. And...the so called private oil companies are over 90% owned by pension funds, and other public stock holders. But..I agree...we need to....develop all our own resources including ANWAR natural gas, clean coal, nuclear etc. WITHOUT any government involvement. Our gov't should NOT be involved, other than the approval and enforcement of safety, and protection of the land and environment.

 's picture


What makes you think an American oil company is going to sell American oil to Americans at a price below the world oil market price? Ignorance? What about the free market forces farces?


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