Lost their way

Politicians in Augusta and Washington, D.C., have lost their way. They are all power drunk. They wrap themselves in the flag and wave the Constitution to show how great and patriotic they are.

At both levels, they make laws for the people but are exempt from following them. When will people insist that everyone gets the same deal as those in government? You cannot govern if you are exempt from your own laws.

In Maine government, one person has the power to object to a mural as hostile to business and down it comes; he thinks the tea party and Maine Heritage Foundation are the thinkers for the majority; he can demonize unions and teachers; and let the greedy wolves draft and dictate policy.

The majority speak of jobs and lower taxes, but they are only interested in going back 40 years, rewriting laws to suit lobbyists and their own political needs. The health care legislation adopted for Maine is a glaring example of how lost those officials are. The signing of the bill at the State House added insult to injury with Robert Nutting in the forefront. His business overcharged MaineCare for millions. He obviously doesn't understand MaineCare reimbursement rules or bankruptcy laws, yet he is expected to spearhead health care reform. The package is completely flawed.

We need more responsible politicians who are willing to put the people first. It’s not one party over the other. It is solutions, not mandates.

Michael Ouellette, Auburn

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The most frustrating thing

The most frustrating thing about those in power in Augusta, is that they have given up their power. WE as a state elected a group of people to the legislature and governors office. Those people have collectively given up our rights by allowing lobbyists working for out of state business interests as well as the special interest group Maine Heritage Policy Center to legislate. There are multiple examples, the BPA issue as well as LD1333 among others of those groups actually writing legislation and getting those proposals put into play in Augusta. This is the outrage of our time, how many of us knew that would happen, and now how many of us are happy about it? We did not elect Koch Industries or Tarren Bragdon to office in Maine, I am outraged that our Governor and legislators have in effect out them in office!

David  Cote's picture

The root of the problem

Seems to me the problems that exist in this state today have nothing to do with murals being erected or removed. Nor does it have to do with the left or right. It has to do with a lack of continuity among those we elect and send to Augusta, and a disconnect between them and the residents of this state that sent them there. For thirty plus years I heard folks complaining about state government and how it is so ineffective. So in this past election cycle the power shifted and then one of the first things on the agenda was whether or not we should proclaim the whoopie pie as the state dessert. My reaction to that was ????? Whether I voted for the candidate that wins their office or not I tend to cut them some slack at the onset of their term. I'm not a slave to any particular political ideology or a certain capital letter in front of someone's name. I know a lot of people who are wrapped up in their politics, both left and right, and there is virtually no reasoning with them, nor is their room for compromise. It doesn't matter who's in charge if that kind of mentality exists within the walls of the capital.

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Paragraph 1: Republicans everywhere have lost their way; Democrats are right on track.

2: Democrats have been in control here for the previous 35+ years. They are the ones who have been doing the exempting. Do you put the blame where it belongs? No. As close as you can get is "those people".

3: One person grabbed the power to install the mural as a celebration of unionism. Up it went. But he was a Dem, so it's OK.

4: The total failure of the Dem's health insurance mandates to achieve any of their objectives is just fine. Any change to that lunacy is an insult and flawed.

5: Put Dems back in power. After all, they are entitled.

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Find a better solution

One that works, one that everybody can agree on, and one that effectively represents all citizens.
Everybody complains that the system doesn't work, but as soon as somebody tries to make changes, all of the complainers are up in arms about the changes and how bad they are. This is not directed at a party , this is universal.
It's time to start over. Go back to the original document, and read it. Then take it word for word and enforce it. ANY powers not specifically granted to the federal government belong to the state.


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