Bill eases child labor restrictions

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage has signed into law a bill to ease Maine’s child labor restrictions so teenagers can work longer hours.

The bill signed Tuesday by the governor will allow students to work as many as 24 hours rather than the 20 per week under current law. It also increases from four to six the number of hours students can work on school days. Students can work as late as 10:15 p.m. on nights before school.

Supporters said the new law helps businesses looking for youthful help, and also helps teenagers who need the money.

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He got his way..

All right!!! Now they can really use up our teens..bring on the businesses to abuse these teens..will probably see alot more dropping out because they will be too busy working and no time for homework and sleep during school...Nice work LaPage!! With people like you in government, we should see a larger than usual exodus from our state. Don't know what you are thinking making the kids work longer hours during school when so many struggle with school work in the first place..this bill is solely to help the businesses hire cheap labor to get their work out and make them richer... the hell with the people in this state and good paying jobs..


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