Farmington official gets calls about trailer in driveway

FARMINGTON — When a large, older-style trailer appeared in the driveway of 185 Maple Ave. last week, local residents became concerned and started calling the town's code enforcement officer.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

A long, older-styled mobile trailer is parked at a Maple Avenue residence in Farmington while movers repair an axle. The trailer will then move to a park in Wilton. Town officials have received numerous calls since the trailer appeared last Wednesday.

"I've taken numerous calls," Steve Kaiser, code enforcement officer said. He also attempted to contact the homeowners and the town's attorney.

Concerns were abated when owners Benjamin and Jonathan Cummings told Kaiser the trailer is only parked there due to an equipment malfunction and it would be moved to Wilton shortly.

The trailer came from Bailey Hill on June 1 headed for Arkay Trailer Park in Wilton when something went wrong with an axle, Kaiser was told. The movers asked the brothers to allow them to park the trailer until it could be fixed.

According to town zoning laws, no trailers, other than those grandfathered in, are allowed in the village residential district. Two trailers are located next to the Maple Avenue home but were there when the zoning law took effect. An older trailer already set up could be exchanged for a new model but no trailers can now be moved in. Modular homes are permitted, Kaiser said.

The Cummings' home was destroyed by fire in December of 2008. They now live in an apartment above the barn. Selectmen urged the brothers to clear the property of fire debris for months after the fire. Church volunteers from New Life Community Church in New Vineyard stepped in to help remove the debris in September 2009.

The movers and ultimately the Cummings brothers have two weeks to move the trailer, he said.

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Randall Pond's picture

Really Sad that people can

Really Sad that people can have such a fuss over stuff.

Give them time to get the axle Fixed and they'll get the trailer moved.

Lighten up Farmington, People!

Licia Kuenning's picture

Good luck to the Cummingses

Steve Kaiser is far too fond of giving out deadlines to people who have suffered some accidental damage. The deadlines are unenforceable, and they are not what is needed anyway. Frankly it doesn't sound as if this situation needed either official action or a news article. The Cummingses have been sufficiently harassed since a disastrous fire destroyed most of their home. I wish them all the best in their trailer, wherever they ultimately decide to install it.


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