Protect the resources

Peter Buotte made a good point (May 27) concerning decommissioning funds in the wind ordinance that is on Rumford’s June ballot. Since it is being done all over the country, why not in Rumford? It only makes sense.

There is not enough being done to protect the resources and jobs in the area.

What is to be gained by these eyesores in the long term? There has been far more said and written painting wind turbines as being a bad idea.

My personal feeling is these turbines that are being lauded as being good for the environment are going to be just the opposite.

Why aren't officials looking into fish and environmentally-friendly hydro power? Is it because there is less government funding? The only people who are going to gain, year after year, are the investors.

When the wind turbines money-making ability no longer is putting big bucks in these people's pockets, they will not think twice about shutting the towers down and leaving those eyesores to rot were they stand.

I will be voting “no” on the Rumford wind ordinance.

Edward Bulger Jr., Rumford

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A Shameful Scam

Wind Power, the kind of "investment" that the president talks about. His kind of "investment" is all about dishing out subsidies to eager supplicants who may be counted upon to espouse politically correct views -- and who would rather "partner" with government than face the challenge of having to earn their way in a competitive marketplace.
The " Partner's " bet is that the 10 years of subsidies to launch the wind industry gives them ample time to shift the costs of sustaining the industry upon the ratepayers, incrementally and unnoticed. Establishing a per ton cost on emissions from fossil fuel plants consequentially leads to rate increases and strengthens " the political correct view " that clean energy is right, no matter the cost and fossil fuel plants are evil and must be terminated. Bye, bye, Rumford gas plant and coal burning at the co-gen plant.
The government has effectively created a partnership that allows them to procure " a partnership share " of the profits by " skyrocketing " the costs of electricity, a commodity so necessary to our live styles, we have no choice but to pay and pay and pay.
The formula is simple : If you can't burden the people with more taxes, get the money by way of a commodity they can't live without.
The wind is free. The cost of converting it to electricity isn't. The millions of dollars presented to delight you now, will come back to bite you . The technology of wind power does not work. It is a scam.


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