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A healthy and hearty cheer to the Appropriations Committee for sustaining the purpose of the Fund for a Healthy Maine by protecting its funding from a spending raid.

Funded through Maine’s share of the Tobacco Settlement Fund, the money is used for education and support for smokers and quitters, and the prevention of smoking. The money is also used to promote healthy eating and fitness habits, and to advise businesses and community groups on awareness programs to improve Mainers’ health.

Becky Smith, chief policy officer for the Maine Public Health Association, said “healthy families are the key to a healthy economy.”

She’s right. And she’s also right in saying, “When people are healthy, children do better in school, workers are more productive and businesses can add jobs because their health care costs are lower.”

Appropriations did the right thing for Maine in preserving this healthy funding.

? ? ?

Cheers to Falcon Performance Footwear, for investing in Maine.

The Lewiston company will spend $100,000 for custom equipment to make toecaps for its specialty boots, which is great news. Even better news is that the company is doing this so it can bring that work back from China, creating manufacturing jobs here.

Company President Carl Spang said the move is part of Falcon’s plan to source everything domestically, bucking the trend to outsource parts to cheaper labor overseas.

Falcon’s claim is that the world’s best boots are made in Maine.

When the toecap line is up and running, Falcon will be able to proclaim that “more” of the world’s best boots are made in Maine.

? ? ?

Cheers to the Maine Department of Transportation, and good riddance to the potholes and pocked pavement that is Center Street.

MDOT will begin milling the pavement Sunday night in preparation for repaving some 3.5 miles between Lake Auburn and the Androscoggin County Courthouse. The work is long overdue and, once done, motorists won’t have to choose between traveling in the smoother, inside lanes or enduring jostling down the broken and heaving outside lanes.

Fortunately, MDOT has scheduled much of the lane closures at night so commuters and consumers won’t be hindered during the day, but it’s going to be disruptive work.

While this is predicted to be the biggest traffic- slowing project of the summer in L-A, the wait will be enormously worthwhile.

As it is, Center Street is a mess.


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 's picture

Enlighten me

I live in Winslow, have occasion to visit the LA area frequently, just looked at a rather detailed map and am tracing the route in my mind. It all says Center Street runs between Lake Auburn and the Courthouse. Does the courthouse have an "official" address on another street and you're being technical just to be able to say "Ha Ha" to the newspaper?

 's picture


...for the explanation and the pass. I appreciate it, although some still might consider your post a technicality. Out of curiosity, who wrote the editorial and how far does he/she have to commute?

JUDY MEYER's picture

Could I have been more precise?

Sure. MDOT is doing construction between Lake Auburn and the courthouse, along Route 4 down Center Street and then on to Turner Street. The worst of the stretch, though, is Center Street.
I could have been more precise about the official names of each stretch of road, but the focus of the project and the greatest improvement will be along the Center Street stretch of the project. More details were included in a news story published in Friday's edition, so perhaps I shouldn't have assumed that was read by all.
I commute this stretch, by the way, from Buckfield to Lewiston, either by car or by bike. So, I'm familiar with each and every pothole along the way -- north and south -- and am pretty certain I'm not the only one who is thrilled the work is finally being done.

 's picture

That's great.

Being precise is what I was looking for, something we were sticklers for when I worked at a newspaper years ago - So, the editor's name and how far SHE has to commute?


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