Class of 1981 to hold reunion

LEWISTON — On Saturday, Aug. 6, the Lewiston High School Class of 1981 will hold a reunion from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. at The Carriage House Plus at 1119 Lisbon St.

The event is $45 per person, which covers a social hour, a buffet of appetizers, door prizes and a DJ. The Lewiston High School Class of '81 can be found on Facebook where more questions can be directed. Reservations are due by July 6.

The reunion committee is still searching for these classmates: Paul Allen, Mike Ames, Jim Amfilo, Gary Ashton, Steve Audet, Linda Beaucage, Marc Beaulieu, Paul Blackerby, Linda Berube, Ann Bosse, Donald Boulay, Chris Bourbeau, William Bourgoin, Jeff Brosious, Christine Bussiere, Robert Cadrin, James Caron, Keith Colvin, Tina Croteau, Kathy Driscoll, Jennifer Dube, Ronald Dulac, Cathy Dumond, Tim Dupre, Pauline Fazekas, Martin Flores, Rodney Footer, Paul Frechette, Adrien Gagne, Marc Gagne, Michael Gagne, Larry Gendreau, Gary Gervais, Rick Giguere, Pam Gilbert, Douglas Gill, Barry Glendenning, Alma Gomez, Elaine Gravel, Madeline Guay, Lori Hamel, David Hirsch, Barry Hynes, Earl Ingerson, Edward Jalbert, James Janelle, Brenda Janke, Betty Jean, Michael Kons, Carol Landry, Doris Langlais, Suzanne Lavigne, Julie Leblond, Claire Levesque, Jeff Lewis, Karen Lombard, Tim Long, Scott Maclean, Kathy Marquis, Donna Marsh, Jean Martel, Cheryl Martin, Susan Martin, Steve McCrellis, Sandra McClellan, Philip Mercier, Richard Michael, Scott Milliken, Michael Minkowsky, David Moore, Kevin Moore, Mary Morgan, Danny Morin, Doris Morin, John Morin, Marcel Morin, Rachel Morin, Randy Morin, Romeo Morrissette, Kenneth Mullen, Michael Murphy, Dorothy Mynahan, Alan Nadeau, Bruce Nadeau, Katherine Nava, Amy Nevitt, David Palman, William Panzino, Pauline Parent, Kenneth Patry, Gisele Patry, Chris Pellerin, Jeff Pennell, Leo Perreault, Dana Perron, Sandra Petruska, Arlene Plante, David Pleau, Dorothy Poisson, Mike Pomerleau, Constance Poulin, Daniel Poulin, David Poulin, Judy Poulin, Susan Pratt, Elaine Provencher, Roland Raymond, Mike Reynolds, Suzanne Reynolds, Rodney Ritchie, Donald Rivard, Debbie Roberts, Donald Rossignol, Michael Rossignol, Nancy Roy, Raymond Roy, Rhonda Ryder, Carol St. Pierre, Laura Smith, Lisa Smith, Michael Soucy, Debra Talbot, Michael Tardiff, James Theriault, Peter Theriault, Suzanne Thibault, Edward Tibbets, Carol Tierney, Dale Tripp, Kevin Trytek, Louise Turcotte, John Ulmer, Maureen Vaillancourt, Paul Vangeli, Theresa Vantrisco, Donna Varney, Greg Veilleux, Gerard Villeneuve, Carol Ann Voisine, Robert Butler, Daniel Leeman, Russell Landry, Jeff Meserve, Troy Perkins, Laurie Pinard, Laurie Saucier, Lisa Saucier, David Taylor, Gayle Whittier, Laurette Wilcox, Denise Smith, Marlene St. Linger, Delina Rousseau, James Morrison, Ethel Parent, Henry Daigneault Jr., Debbie Dionne, Corinna Ducharme, Dave Ell, Chantal Fontaine, Tom Cassidy, John Conrad and Doris Ouellette.

Any questions or contact information on the missing classmates can be directed to Janet (Welch) Nyitray at 632-6562, Kim Morin at or 215-9348, or Linda (Thompson) Sherwood at or 740-4387.

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Linda Sherwood's picture

Class of 1981 to Hold Reunion

Correction: A dinner buffet will also be served and the time is changed to 6pm to 11pm.


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