Ill attempt at humor

Once again, Sun Journal editors let a small pond journalist dictate the tone and message that impugns the integrity of the publication. I refer to the June 5 "Talk of the town” column scribed by Mark LaFlamme.

It is quite apparent that LaFlamme has a specific disdain for his hometown, given his constant disparagement of all things Lewiston. Perhaps he should think about moving to a larger pond where his editorial parlance might be better appreciated, or where he may feel less culturally depleted.

In any event, I am left wondering how much time and energy LaFlamme spends on making his community a better place to live and work. My guess is not a whole lot, given his propensity to rant about nonsense.

I know many people who work hard at improving the image of their communities every day. These same people spend thousands of dollars in the belief that advertising in the Sun Journal will help showcase the benefits they all provide for the image of their community. It seems inconsistent that these folks would continue to spend money if the area were as culturally depleted as noted in LaFlamme's column.

I am not advocating censoring LaFlamme, merely relegating him to the editorial page where he would fall under the caveat of views that aren’t necessarily supported by the paper.

Maybe the comics section; wait, much too ill of an attempt at humor.

A short leash wouldn’t hurt, but a ticket to Portland might be better.

Paul Landry, Wales

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David  Cote's picture

LaFlamme is a realist

The first section I turn to in the Sunday paper is "Talk of the Town". Great insight and humor with the right kind of sarcasm that smacks us upside our collective thought processes. Mark is a true gem of a journalist in every sense of the word. He makes us, or better yet, dares us to think and that is what makes Mask such a unique and genuine talent. Besides that, he's so spot on with his observations. He makes us think, he makes us laugh and he makes my Sunday mornings what they should be...laid back and fun. Enjoy his work to the fullest for we are fortunate he writes for our paper.

 's picture

Lighten up Francis

Thanks for the humor LaFlamme.

RONALD RIML's picture

'Small Puddle' letter writer impugns "Journalist of the Year"

Not enough pages in the local 'Wales Wabbit Wegister' to keep you busy there, Paul? Oh, there isn't one??

So you question the professional ability of the man who was honored as the "Maine Press Association's 2006 Journalist of the Year."

We'll look for your award after you're duly recognized in the the field. And not at cow-flop bingo.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot won a second grade

The parrot won a second grade spelling bee at obedience school, once; and only once.

RONALD RIML's picture

I still hold the record

for 'Detentions' at the old St. Patrick's Central High School in my home town back in Illinois......

Na, Na,nannn Na!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I always thought you had some

I always thought you had some pirate in you. Well done.
I think I may have held the Junior Year record at my High School in Massachusetts for number of times being sent home for being in violation of the dress code. Anytime I wanted a little time off; the white tee shirt and beltless Levis did it every time. That generated some detention time, but not of record proportion by any means.


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