Buy them anyway

iPads 2s for kids — what a great idea. Not to worry, they will be paid for with a grant, said the outgoing Auburn School District administrator. Suddenly they are part of the school budget, a little from here and there.

Grants, well those expired in June (school department officials knew that all along).

Data to support going forward? Nope, nothing solid yet, so let's go buy them anyway. Oh, don't worry, we will have a study done.

Have to love the school department administration. They do whatever they want and then try to make the public fear the worst with, "It's your kids' future for goodness sake. Think about your kids."

I went through school just fine and had no issues without the need for unproven baby-sitting devices.

If the school department can afford iPads, then the public approved too much money for the budget and should request some back.

And if it's such a great program, why hasn't Apple donated them?

Mark Simpson, Auburn

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Jason Theriault said a

Jason Theriault said a mouthful when he stated:"it's intuitive enough that he can do all sorts of stuff effortless"

Does that mean the IPad has the brains and not your kid? Children learn through hard work and effort. Mike LeBlanc hit the nail square on the head with the McDonalds cash register reference.

Jason Theriault's picture

They did it wrong

My 4 year old LOVES the ipad. He gets it, and it's intuitive enough that he can do all sorts of stuff effortless. IT really is a well designed device, and I could see it being very useful in school.

That said, I think they should have made a one time purchase and reused them class to class. Trying to buy kids one to keep is expensive and a luxury. The Auburn school board is stupid to think that Auburn taxpayers are gonna let this float by.

And I think it's irresponsible, considering they need to be banking money for a new EL. They are going to be asking for 60 million for a new school soon, and Auburn Taxpayers are going to have to eat some of it. Maybe now is not the time for luxuries

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The iPad is for kiddies what

The iPad is for kiddies what the McDonald dick-and-jane cash register is to teenagers. It's a crutch and a substitute for learning - and especially a substitute for teaching. The kid who goes through 12 grades of this sort of "help" will, if he's lucky, wind up working for the kid who can add with charcoal and a slate board.

 's picture

I totally agree Mr. LeBlanc...

I have home-educated three children without the "aid" of an iPad...and they can out-think and out-reason a child dependent on a fancy calculator any day of the week.

The public schools are turning out "graduates" that can't make change for a dollar. Two weeks ago I went into the grocery store and the lady ahead of me wanted 4 quarters in exchange for a paper dollar. The girl running the register was totally dumb-founded -- she literally couldn't figure out what to do. ??

What are the schools teaching?...and what makes the school department think an iPad will help when kids can't do basic math?


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