Maine State Police say death of woman in Farmington homicide

FARMINGTON — Maine State Police are asking for the public's help in their investigation into an elderly woman's death in Farmington early Tuesday morning, according to a release issued by Steve McCausland, the spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

State Police investigators enter the Farmington home of Grace Burton at 195 Fairbanks Road, Apt. 5, Tuesday. Burton, 81, was killed during a home invasion early Tuesday morning.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

State Police Lt. Brian McDonough urged local residents to watch for any changes in behavior of friends and relatives indicative of involvement with a burglary and home invasion of the elderly housing apartment of Grace Burton at 195 Fairbanks Road, apt. 5 in Farmington about 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. The person police are looking for may have cuts to his hands and fingers.

McDonough said police are looking for a male dressed in a black hoodie, black backpack and dressed in dark clothing. Police believe he is a small to medium built person about five feet, eight inches tall.

"He's not a big person," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call State Police at 657-3030, Farmington Police Department at 778-6311 or Franklin County Sheriff's Department at 778-9891.

Police investigate Farmington death
Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Farmington Police Officer Wayne Drake stands outside the Margaret Chase Smith apartment Tuesday morning.

According to the release Grace Burton, 81, died about 7 a.m. at a Lewiston hospital, where she was flown by a LifeFlight helicopter from Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington.

Burton was attacked at the Margaret Chase Smith Apartments on Fairbanks Road by a male intruder who entered her first floor apartment, the release stated. The victim called 911 just after 1 a.m. to report the attack.

"Police are seeking the public's help to report any suspicious activity along Fairbanks Road and Route 4 between midnight and 2 a.m." the release stated. "They are also seeking the identity of a man seen walking along Fairbanks Road about 1:30 a.m. wearing a backpack. The apartment complex is off from Route 4, in the north end of the town."

A dozen State Police detectives have joined Farmington Police and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office investigating the death.

Anyone with information is asked to call Farmington Police at 778-6311 or dial 911 on a cell phone.

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Licia Kuenning's picture

Map is incorrect

There are a number of errors in your photo/map of the area where the crime occurred--the most conspicuous being that you have put a post office on Fairbanks Road, where there isn't and never has been a post office. Another mistake is that you have labeled part of Box Shop Hill "Main St." That isn't called Main St., it is all Box Shop Hill. And your map shows two roads going off Box Shop Hill that aren't there, and fails to show Poleyard Rd., which is there and goes off Fairbanks Rd. at the same spot where the north end of Box Shop Hill goes off it.

I suppose you will say that the errors are in your source, and that you have no software for correcting the map. But it that case it would be better not to publish it, as it makes you look foolish and might even be confusing to anyone who is trying to help the police. If you really want a map for this latter purpose it would be better to have someone who knows Farmington draw one by hand.

Mark Wrenn's picture


There is no lower form of life than somebody who would harm an 81 year old woman.


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