A magical moment

I was at the YMCA in a class aquacising and chatting, when someone asked a friend to sing. I caught her, saying, “You start it.” After finding the pitch, she did.

“Oh! Say can you see …”.

Slowly heads turned and voices lifted as we sang the national anthem all the way through without stopping the class or the song. By the time the end came, all were singing reverently to the climatic word … "free!" Someone added a heartfelt, “Amen!”

I will not forget the moment or the look on my classmates' faces.

At the YWCA, there are numerous moments to exercise the body and nourish the mind and soul. Let us continue to support and nourish the YWCA.

Violet Gerber, Sabattus

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How do you squeeze "amen"

How do you squeeze "amen" into the National Anthem?

Bernice Fraser's picture

A magical moment

We need more people like this, not being afraid to sing the national anthem, or say the pledge of allegienge to the flag, come on america show some pride in your country, and be a role model for your kids.


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