Masked intruders injure woman in Livermore Falls home invasion

LIVERMORE FALLS — Police were searching Monday night for two suspects who entered a mobile home with a handgun earlier in the day and pistol-whipped a middle-aged woman, Sgt. Steve Allen said.

The victim told police two males wearing ski masks walked into her residence at Pine Ridge Loop, a mobile home park off Routes 106 and 133, just before 9:30 a.m., he said. The woman received a cut on her head and was taken by ambulance to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington, Allen said.

The victim was treated and released later in the day, he said Monday afternoon.

The victim did not appear to be acquainted with her attackers, Allen said. A child sleeping in another part of the home was unharmed.

Items were taken from the residence, but police declined to disclose what they are.

Police are following leads and reviewing evidence collected at the scene, he said.

The victim described the males as both being white and slender in build with one taller than the other, he said. At one point, the victim said she saw blond hair when one of the intruders' mask lifted. They left heading out of the Pine Ridge Loop park toward Route 106. It is unknown which way they turned once they left the park, Allen said.

Livermore Falls police Chief Ernest Steward Jr., Maine State Police, the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department and the Maine Warden Service are assisting in the case.

State police brought in a police dog trained in tracking to find the suspects. They remain at large.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Livermore Falls Police Department at 897-3424. After 4 p.m., the phone will ring into the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department, and a dispatcher will answer.

Monday's attack follows another home invasion in Farmington, where Grace Burton, 81, was attacked in her Margaret Chase Smith apartment off Route 4 and stabbed to death in the early hours of June 21.

State and Farmington police had no new developments on that case Monday but were continuing investigations on all fronts, Maine Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said.

NOTE: This story has been modified since it was published to reflect the correct number of the Livermore Falls Police Department.

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 's picture

Ever stop and think if the

Ever stop and think if the police do arrest someone and bring them to court along with evidence to prove the case against the accused;they don't have backing and respect in local court system nor by the public.

How would you like putting your life on the line to go after the so called "Bad" guys only to get more harrassment from the so called
"Good" Guys for doing their job. I have seen the town big shots
put these guys down for not doing enough shots.

Would you take their jobs???????????? It seems they are not respected by anyone.

 's picture


It's easy for you to criticize some one, but I would challenge you to step in the shoes of a policeman and maybe idiots like you would respect them more.

 's picture

SO scarey...

One of these days these knuckleheads will enter the "wrong" home and get what's coming to them...45-70, 9mm, 38 get the idea. ;)


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