Unlicensed driver crashes through movie theater doors

AUBURN — It wasn't a drive-in movie theater, but that didn't stop a car from paying a visit to the lobby on Sunday.


Christopher Williams/Sun Journal
A repair crew replaces the front doors of Flagship Cinemas on Center Street in Auburn Monday a day after a car accidentally smashed through the doors and drove up to the candy counter.

A 21-year-old woman learning to drive in the parking lot of Flagship Cinema on Center Street mistook the gas pedal for the brake in the 1999 Ford she was driving at 11 a.m. Sunday, police wrote in an accident report. The theater was closed and vacant at the time, police said.

Qeil Abdishakur of Lewiston, who doesn't have a driver's license, was northbound in the lot. She attempted a left turn in front of the theater building, but accelerated instead of slowing for the turn, due to inexperience, the report said.

The car crashed through the two sets of front doors and struck the candy counter.

The owner of the car, Rashid A. Mohamed, 29, of Lewiston, was in a passenger seat. There were two other passengers. No injuries were reported, police said.

The accident report estimated damage to the building at $2,000; to the car, $8,000. It was towed.

A crew worked to repair the damage Monday. The theater stayed closed.


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I was in the parking lot the

I was in the parking lot the day it happened and took a bunch of pics. The people that were in the car that crashed were standing there laughing about it. Don't know if anyone was issued a ticket, but I think they should have!!! And by the way ,the person that thought this was in Lewiston (MOM), read again. This was the flagship in Auburn and the people were just arriving for work when this happened. Too bad; some kids trying to make some extra money for the summer had to miss a days pay. I'm just glad no little kids were running in the parking lot like I sometimes see. Could have been a real tragedy!!!! Maybe they don't understand the laws around here that the rest of us have to follow.

 's picture

it's possible that mo4

it's possible that mo4 remembers the late 70's when the viet-nam refugees came to maine, most of them were driving Z-28's and firebirds, then too most people though they were getting help and money and cars, but in reality most of them were hard workers, and having just arrived from a war torn country, they were eager to take advantage of all the jobs that the american couch potatoes didn't want, such as washing chicken crap at Hillcrest etc...

 's picture

OK, "nonstop", point made.

OK, "nonstop", point made. But why stress the point when the point isn't mentioned? Nobody wrote anything about the young girl 'getting away' with this. And you're right. Things happen when you do something irresponsible like this. But like what Jay Bee wrote earlier: "Driving is dangerous; this is life." True. Race, color, creed and all of what you mention has very little to do with the accident. The girl has enough problems to deal with. Must you assume more?

 's picture

If I drive w/o a license, do

If I drive w/o a license, do property damage and get caught I have to pay restitution, a fine and receive a suspension notice.... Yes I do agree that accidents do happen.... but the law is the law. No one should escape due to race, creed, color, religion or sexual orientation. Of course the story doesn't provide us with the details... it wouldnt be real news reporting if it told the whole story.... My mother always said "Believe what you see, half of what you read and none of what you hear."

 's picture

And here's MO4 with yet

And here's MO4 with yet again, another snarky comment. You know that claim is baseless right MO4? You realize you're just being a jerk again. Right?


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