Registered sex offender charged after incident at Livermore beach

LIVERMORE — A 62-year-old registered sex offender from Greene was charged with operating under the influence after police received complaints about a man taking photographs  of young girls at Brettuns Pond Beach on June 20, State Police announced in a post on their website Tuesday.

Marcel Chamberland, 62, was arrested June 20 by State Police Trooper Nathan Jamo. He was released from the Androscoggin County Jail the same day on $200 bail, according to jail records.

Chamberland was previously convicted of unlawful sexual contact of a child under the age of 14 years in 2001, according to the state sex offender registry. He was sentenced to serve two years, with all but 30 days suspended, and served a two-year probation.

Jamo arrested Chamberland after several people reported seeing a suspicious man photographing children at Brettuns Pond. Witnesses gave Jamo a description of the man as well as a license plate number, which he traced to Chamberland.

Traveling the route that he expected Chamberland to take back to his house in Greene, Jamo located the vehicle at a rest area near the intersection of routes 108 and 219 in Leeds, police said. After speaking to Chamberland, Jamo determined that he was intoxicated. Jamo also located a digital camera and several empty beer bottles, marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

While Chamberland was charged with operating under the influence, and cited for marijuana-related offenses on June 20, Jamo was later granted a search warrant for the digital camera found in Chamberland's vehicle, police said.

The camera's memory card contained 16 photographs of two young girls, including eight of the original complainant's 14-month-old daughter, who had been playing naked at Brettuns Pond Beach, police said.

The Androscoggin County District Attorney's Office and the state police are investigating the incident.

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Gail Jones's picture

Sex Affender in Livermore, Maine

This area is really getting crime ridden lately with break-in's murders, and preverts!! The government has got to get people back to work so things will get back to normal. People are stressed out, bored, and broke due the mess the country is in. We need it fixed and we need to elect folks that will do it. Not the idiots that are in there now!!

 's picture

$200 bail?!?!?!

What in the world? This guy is a registered sex offender, DUI, in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and found to have pictures of children on his camera and he is released on $200 bail???

What a sick and twisted world we live in... :>/

RONALD RIML's picture

The purpose of 'Bail' is to ensure his presence in Court

You thought it was something else?????

 's picture

He shouldn't have been

He shouldn't have been "bailed" at all...they should keep him locked up and consider castration. ;)

 's picture

I've reconsidered keeping him behind bars...

because I don't think the taxpayers of Maine should have to house this criminal...

lethal injection, firing squad, electric chair all seem like good options.

RONALD RIML's picture

So you're in charge of the Criminal Justice System now, Amy????

When did we change the Constitution to grant you those powers???

 's picture

Since when...

do criminals have MORE rights than law-abiding citizens?? Huh, Mr. Riml?? Know anyone that's been the victim of one of these scum-sucking parasites??

The justice system is a "joke"...they're turning these jokers out on the street to victimize society again and's just wrong.


I'll disclose...

I was the victim of one of these scum-sucking parasites. Your proposed solutions make YOU feel good and do nothing to protect kids. Kinda selfish, HUH, Ms. Byron? The things that would protect kids won't happen, because they might be construed as being nice to a pedophile. I am so sick of people throwing children in harm's way because it's more fun to feel vengeance than to actually allow programs that would stop it from happening.

RONALD RIML's picture


I don't see any law enforcement experience in your profile, Amy.

What 'exactly' is the system?

Do you know, or just assume you know?

 's picture

Some of us are smart...

we don't put ALL personal information out there for the world to read, Mr. Riml...just because it isn't on my profile page doesn't mean I don't have experience...have a wonderful day in your liberal bubble.

RONALD RIML's picture

Just as I thought...

No experience nor training. Except in 'Name Calling'


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