Maine anti-bullying bill back in committee

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Legislative Democrats say they're disappointed a bill to prevent bullying in Maine schools was set aside on the last day of the 2011 session and sent back to committee.

The bill sponsored by Democratic Rep. Terry Morrison of Portland was sent to the Education Committee and will be reviewed during the 2012 session.

The bill would direct the commissioner of education to develop a model harassment, intimidation and bullying prevention policy. School administrative units would have to adopt a policy based on the model by Aug. 15, 2012.

Morrison says he's disappointed the bill was not passed, after it received earlier votes of support in the House and Senate.

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Martha Burnell's picture

Frankly, I think if the

Frankly, I think if the teachers and administrators in any given school, can't recognize bullying and put a stop to it, they shouldn't be working with kids to begin with. Period.
Why do we need more rules and regulations.. Its all about power.

Jim Cyr's picture


Do you mean that the schools don't have any rules to counter Bullying behavior? Do we need more rules and regulations like those ridiculous "hate crime"rules? A crime is a crime! Are there love crimes on the books also? Too many rules and regulations. "K.I.S.S." We are straying away from common sense and reason and voting in "bureaucracy" and the "nanny state"! We are forgetting what the 4th of July is about!

Terry Donald's picture

It's about religious fervor.

Instead of protecting Maine's children, GOP lawmakers decided to heed a warning put out by the Christian Civic League. The League warned about potential first amendment issues with the bill. That groups attempt at shielding their true intent is useless. The freedom of speech they are attempting to preserve would be the freedom of people to berate, insult and bully anyone with as perceived difference in lifestyle. There is no place in our society for hatemongers like the Christian Civic League and Maine Heritage Policy Center, i only hope enough intelligent Mainers see through this and take action at the ballot box. Any lawmaker going along with these 2 groups should be ashamed!


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