Wrong way to go

After two failed budget referendums, the RSU 16 School Committee is about to add in expenses that were taken out of the compromise reached for the second vote, raising the budget request to more than was voted down in that second vote. By a two-to-one margin, voters made it clear that the budget was too high.

The School Committee could offer high budgets indefinitely, with vote after vote giving the budget a no, and still spend the amount asked for in the second referendum — even though it was voted down in all three towns.

If that is democracy, who needs it?

Shame on RSU law that allows that, and shame on the school committee for allowing that to go on.

Ollie Emery, Mechanic Falls

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Bernice Fraser's picture

RSu !6 budget

that's what the school board counts on, let enough time go by and people will forget, and we can put in place what we like. They never planned on cutting anything to begin with, and even one of the members said that she would not vote for any cuts. Just like the federal government they turn things around and stall and then do as they plan. It's democracy they want, but our country was based on a republic, democracy, eventually turns into anarchy. Look at greece and other countries as to what democracy looks like


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