Stand up for our rights

As a taxpaying citizen of this country, I am concerned about the misinformation and bullying by corporations occurring here in Maine and across America.

The new, taxpayer-funded "smart grid" upgrade and associated "smart meter" technologies are under-studied, unproven to be safe or secure and have demonstrated safety issues in many cases (contrary to the information provided by private utility companies).

In addition, I'm not convinced CMP actually sent letters of notice — which they had publicly promised many times — to inform all customers of their individual rights to opt-out of the dangerous new technology.

Most disconcertingly, the fees they are imposing for opting out amount to nothing more than extortion.

These new "smart meters" cause fires, ruin appliances, put personal and national security at risk and pose health threats, as recently concluded by the World Health Organization and many scientists.

This country is a democracy, by and for the people, not corporations. As citizens of this free country, we have the right to be informed, and the right to choose.

We all must stand up for the rights upon which America was founded and say "no" to this unsafe technology before it's too late.

Joanna Reese, Oxford

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I agree that this letter is

I agree that this letter is probably over the top.

Now, anyone remember the on demand meters that were introduced in the early 80's? These new meters are just an advanced version of the same meter. Once they are all installed, bend over and brace yourself for the TRANSITION TO DYNAMIC PRICING of electricity. Anyone who had an on demand meter in the early 80's knows that it is probably going to be cheaper to pay the opt out fees.

From 8 pm to 6 am, rates will be normal. From 6 am to 8 am, premium rates, from 8 am to 4 pm, intermediate rates. From 4 pm to 8 pm, back to premium rates. Bitter cold days and extremely hot days, could be premium rate or intermediate rates all day. Surely wouldn't be the regular rate. Once these meters are all installed, you better budget for doubling your electric bill.

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whether right or wrong

the letter is over the top. Smart meters do not involve Constitutional rights or national security.
But Joanna's basic point that corporations have far too much power is right. The PUC is not protecting us just as the SEC, FED, and other regulators failed us in the recent housing bubble and financial collapse. Regulatory reform of corporations (not eliminating regulation, but enforcing and strengthening the regulations we have) is the most pressing issue of this generation.
For example, the management of Massey Energy should have long ago been indicted for the 29 lives lost through their malfeasence in WV.
Execute a few executives when they cause a loss of live through their direct actions and imprisonment for their actions that indirectly cause a loss of life is a good first step in regaining a balance of power.

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"national security at risk" You mean the terrorists will win?

 's picture

When you say...

"These new "smart meters" cause fires, ruin appliances, put personal and national security at risk and pose health threats, as recently concluded by the World Health Organization and many scientists."

are you saying CMP is intentionally, with knowledge and forethought, using technology that causes fires, ruins appliances, puts personal and national security at risk and poses health risks?

You DO have indisputable proof, of course. Don't know why CMP would intentionally discard paying customers by killing them. Couldn't find anything about this at the WHO web site and "many scientists" is a little vague to try and do research with.

Could you help me, please?

 's picture

I agree that "many

I agree that "many scientists" is a little vague. In at least one other context, it's known as a "consensus".

 's picture

In what context... you believe she was using the phrase?

 's picture

Her context.

Ms. Reese used the phrase in the context of her letter, Bob, where you suggest it is vague and inaccurate. Other folks use it in the context of, say, global warming as absolute proof of their pet theory. Whatever the context, scientific fact is not decided by majority rule. The phrase is vague in every context.

RONALD RIML's picture

There are alternatives to CMP

Hamsters on treadmills to generate your own electricity - or, if you're gutsy enough......

Jason Theriault's picture

You are wrong

There, that should clear that up.

The meter will be on the outside of your house, emitting the same radiation that scientists are having trouble proving causes cancer when held diretly NEXT TO YOUR HEAD.

And the reason you have to pay to opt out is that they have to send a meter reader out to your house to check your meter.

Some people think that the world is flat. Some people think vaccines cause autism. And some people think smart meters are in any way dangerous.



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