Al-Jazeera invite prompts backlash in Maine

ROCKLAND, Maine (AP) — Some people are angry that an Arabic news network journalist will deliver the keynote address at a fundraiser for a museum honoring an American Revolutionary War hero in Maine.

General Henry Knox Museum Executive Director Ellen Dyer said the museum saw an opportunity for a timely discussion of what's going on in the Arab world with its invitation to Abderrahim Foukara, Al-Jazeera's Washington bureau chief. He'll speak at the Strand Theatre in Rockland on July 28.

The Bangor Daily News says enough people have written emails and made phone calls to express dissatisfaction that officials have moved the post-speech reception to a private home.

Mackenzie Andersen of East Boothbay said the invitation creates legitimacy for a news organization that she describes as "a front for recruiting jihadists."

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exactly the response i would have expected from small minded non-thinking ignorant americans. al-jazeera is a great way to get news of the middle east without the spin laid on it by new organizations in this country. those quick to jump at people of other races and countries would do well to remember that almost all of us here are immigrants.

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Having spent the better part of the last four years in the middle east. I find Al-Jazeera the least biased of all major news agencies. They have a habit of reporting actual news without adding the favored slant that many of the XBC's and xNN's do.

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Know your enemy

Al-Jazeera's Washington bureau chief is the enemy?

What led you to that conclusion?

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Typical artsy liberal behaviour....embrace the enemy. The timely discussion will be "sure you are my friend, I'll kill you last".


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