Maine treasurer unsure of impact of federal debt crisis

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — As Congress remains divided on how to avoid a default by raising the government's borrowing limit, Maine's treasurer is unsure of the impact in the state.

Treasurer Bruce Poliquin tells WAGM-TV in Presque Isle that he doesn't know if Maine services will be affected if the federal government defaults on interest owed on money it's borrowed. But he says there would be no immediate impact on state services.

The treasurer says the federal government would have to decide whether spending on education, welfare and other state programs are priorities, but he's hopeful the state will be OK.

Poliquin says it's clear Congress cannot control its spending as nearly all states must through balanced budget amendments, and he supports the same thing at the national level.


Information from: WAGM-TV,

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Bob Deschenes's picture

Maine Treasurer
Educate yourself Mr Treasurer

Bob Deschenes's picture

Maine Treasurer

We should clean house in Augusta. This by far has got to be the worst administration we have ever had.

Bob Deschenes's picture


What type of treasurer are you? You got any education at all? We are always the last to recover and the first to get hit. Just becuase you got a fat check coming in every week doesn't mean the rest of us ae in the same boat. Most of us are on the very edge of losing everything we got and small drop in unemployment or delays/reductions in social security or any other programs would be disastrous. I guess I would have to be republican and brain washed to understand your words.

 's picture

If he were a Democrat he'd know?

The Republicans caused the debt crisis by their irresponsibile and reckless spending without funding (12 of $14 trillion debt is the responsibility of Republican Presidents in the last 30 years). Republicans caused the debt limit crisis by trying to use it to extort spending cuts without tax increases (even though the rich are paying the lowest taxes since the Second World War era) from the Democrats. This crisis has made it clear that Republicans are ready to bankrupt the country as long as taxes are reduced to zero for rich folks.

 's picture


Poliquin could not keep his mouth shut with inaccurate statements for the last six months, but now he does not understand what might happen if the federal government defaults. Just so you know, Mr. Poliquin, if the federal government stops making payments to the State of Maine, there will be a horrible impact on services. Evidently, Mr. Poliquin does not realize how much money Maine receives from the federal government. Of course, considering the many false statements that he made in the past, maybe it is better if he claims ignorance.


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