First will be last

What is it with the rich individuals? Why are they so afraid of having to pay more taxes? Don't they care about this country? I bet they don't even think of the poor and elderly.

I wish the good lord would perform a miracle and switch the poor to the rich and the rich to the poor. Let them have a good taste of what it is like to be at the other end. I would love to take their money and spread it around to those who need help or who are sick. What a time I would have.

There will be a time when they will be in our shoes (grant you, this will happen), and they will remember what was asked of them.

Check the Bible ... those who are first shall be last, and those who are last shall be first.

Dolores Ginn, Auburn

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Bernice Fraser's picture

first will be last

Have you thought that many of these rich people you speak about, did come from a poorer background, and they got their riches by working long hard hours building bussinesses to help hire others and give them jobs, Many of these "rich" people sacrifed their time they could had spent with family , or many lost everything to start a bussiness, but did not give up and started over and over again, Are you willing to do the same? Are you willing to put in the time and investment to become rich? Or would you rather stay poor keep buying things you cannot afford, depend on the government to provide for you from the taxes paid by these rich. We each have the same opportunity, if we have the will to do it, education is not always the answer the answer is the will to try and keep trying when you fail, for only by failing do you learn what works or does not work.
"Rich ' people are the tax payers that make it possible for those who are unwilling or unable to work, to stay home and complain about the rich, while watching their wide screen T.V's smoking cigaretts drinking their beer, and enjoying their monthly check that makes it possible. Yet they still keep complaining. If you want to quote the bible "Jesus said the poor will always be with us" what do you suppose he meant by that. there will always be people who want but do not want to put in the effort. Also the commandment of not coveting our neighbors possesion. Who do you suppose provides jobs? rich people or the poor? Who gives to charities to help the poor the man without a job, or a working person. Even the poorest person in this country is richer than most in poorer countries.

Jim Cyr's picture

First will be last

Excellent write up Ms. Fraser. A refreshing view point from all the "Progressives" that bombard these logical contributors such as your self!


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