Al Jazeera in Maine?

The Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera English, Abderrahim Foukara, has been asked to speak on July 28 at a gala function for the Henry Knox Museum, located in Thomaston.

Let me see ... the head of a media outlet that supports terrorism has been invited to Maine to speak at an event honoring a great Maine general of the Revolutionary War.

Does anyone find that disturbing? I do.

Why should a representative of a proven enemy of this country be invited to such a venue to spread its venom? Al Jazeera is a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The MB has a charter that pledges to destroy our "miserable house" by our own hands. The MB is at the core of radical Islam waging jihad to conquer the world.

When will the people of this nation stop tolerating evil intolerance? Not only are we tolerating evil here, we're encouraging it and giving it a microphone.

It would be great if people convene outside the Strand Theater in Rockland that evening to let the organizers know what is thought of this travesty. A demonstration would make Henry Knox and his descendants proud of modern Maine and send a message to the trustees and organizers.

Jared Bristol, Hebron

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 's picture

Instead of protesting

I would suggest you stay home, and instead of lumping all people who follow Islam as american haters and terrorists, you look closely at yourself.
People who only surround themselves with people who think, worship and look like them will die very very lonely.
People of different backgrounds, nationalities, religions and color, give this world a wonderful diversity. The more we embrace what is differrent about us, the better off we will be as a nation, and as individuals.

Jared Bristol's picture

Liberal insanity

I really can't justify your response with any lengthy reply. "Diversity" kumbaya of you. The more you embrace the radical islamists, the more they will infiltrate your society and before you know what hit you you'll be embracing shari'a and you will have lost your Constitution and your freedom.

 's picture


I feel very sorry for you. I hope you are happy all alone in the woods. Is it scary in there?

Jared Bristol's picture

Re: Wow

All you've done so far, Terry, is try to vilify the messenger. How about you try arguing the points made? Just how much diversity do you think is allowed in Saudi Arabia? When the immigrant Muslims actually melt into the American society, personally I have no problem with them. When they refuse to assimilate but instead demand that we accommodate and even show preference to what they perceive as their superior religion and system (Shari'a), that's when they need to leave. Since the stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to destroy our "miserable house" from within, I'd say you ought to educate yourself and be a bit more careful as to just who you invite into your country with little or no thought as to the consequences. I'm not scared, nor am I lonely.

 's picture

When you are out of touch with reality?

You may come to false conclusions. As this letter does. I am shocked and pleased that a representative of Al Jazeera is coming to Maine. Hope the press coverage is up to the importance of the visit.

Jared Bristol's picture

You are in need of a reality check.

How is it false conclusion when Al Jazeera perpetually finds fault with Israel and supports Hamas? Keep in mind that our government has officially named Hamas as a terrorist organization. Hamas lobs rockets into Israeli towns and when they dare to strike back, Al Jazeera labels them the aggressor. How is it that when those rockets were launched, Al Jazeera illegally broadcast their explosions on real time TV so that Hamas could better target them with their poor guidance systems? Al Jazeera is being sued for millions for that one but it won't bring back the dead and wounded civilians. You have no clue.

 's picture

The Isreali - Palestinian conflict goes before 1948

And like the Hatfields and McCoys, everyone has a history to justify their most recent crime against humanity. Until we and they begin to look to the future and each other both will make the case why they are prefect and their enemies are demonic.
Al Jazeera is an independent accurate news organization (certainly more reliable and balanced and legal than Fox News). They are not representatives of Hamas however much Isreal wants to make them so. They deserve a fair and courteous hearing.

Jared Bristol's picture

Representatives of Hamas?

Mr. Albrecht, You will find nowhere in my posts that I have said that Al Jazeera is a representative of Hamas. I said they show bias in favor of Hamas and against Israel. Hamas is a terrorist entity. Do you understand taqiyya? Google it. You won't listen to me. You won't give me a fair and courteous hearing. Learn it for yourself.

 's picture

I gave you more than a fair and courteous hearing

And I understand you very well. Many have travelled in your footsteps before you. But paranoid anti-muslim bigotry will not serve the interests of this country, Isreal, or the middle east.

Jared Bristol's picture

You're calling paranoid bigot

I'm reminded of the Seinfield show where he's at the car rental desk and the woman says, "We know about reserving cars" when they've not got the one he reserved. And Seinfield says, "I don't think you do. You're great at taking the reservation but not so hot at the actual reserving." So when you say you understand me very well, I think not.
Paranoia is an irrational fear; a fear without just cause. Being concerned that the radical islmaists are subverting our systems, and that they intend to destroy our country is simply believing their own words. That is rational, not paranoia, and unless a fair number of liberals start getting rational, we're in serious trouble. I suspect you might subscribe to the Obama mentality that if we're nice to them, bow to them, apologize for all the awful things the United States has done to the world (like what maybe? Win WWII?) that the islamists will then like us. Sorry. They'll attack us and Israel even more. They only understand and/or respect strength. Please spare me your condescending remarks like "many have traveled in your footsteps before you" as if you're some kind of sage.

Jason Theriault's picture


You may disagree with Al Jazeera, but that doesn't make them a mouthpiece for terrorists.

Let me ask you this, Mr. Bristol:
Have you ever watched Al Jazeera?

I'm going to say probably not... I'm going to assume someone told you about the bad people with the funny hats pretending to report the news.

How about this - show me examples of them acting like a mouth piece, and we can talk

Jared Bristol's picture

Oh yes...

You see, Jason, the problem for you here is that they are said mouthpiece. Yes, I have watched it. Have you? And then you go on assuming stuff. Not real mature. See my response to the letter above for examples, and then let's not talk.


There are too many factual errors to count

Sufficed to say, not all Muslims are terrorists just as not all Christians are bigots.

I would suggest that if you follow Mr. Bristol's advice and go to Rockland to protest, you might as well haul grampa's white sheet and dunce hat out of the dresser in the attic.

Jared Bristol's picture


Just where did I say "all Muslims are terrorists"? But you seem to go on to infer that Christians might well be bigots. I'm guessing you might be calling me a bigot. Let's see, "bigot": one who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed or opinion. (Webster) What would you say, Tony, if someone told you that all Christians and Jews are monkeys and pigs and that they should be converted, allowed to live as second class citizens paying a tax for that privilege, or be killed? Would you say that is a bigoted opinion? I would. Now do your homework instead of flapping your jaws. Read the Qur'an and you'll find that that is exactly the teaching of your wonderful, non-bigoted Muslims. Then get back to me. K?

RONALD RIML's picture

Good question....

Jared wants to know "When will the people of this nation stop tolerating evil intolerance?"

I began a long time ago, Jared - and find your stated attitude concerning Mr. Abderrahim Foukara and Al Jazeera evil intolerance personified.

Al Jazeera a 'mouthpiece' for the Muslim Brotherhood? ...Like the JTA "Jewish Telegraphic Agency" is a mouthpiece for the Kahane Movement.

The press reporting on radicals doesn't indicate support for them them.

Jared Bristol's picture

Evil should not be tolerated

Mr. Riml, You began a long time ago? Does that mean you're older? Al Jazeera is following the Muslim Brotherhood playbook and the Muslim strategy called "taqiyya". In short, the goal of the MB is a caliphate, one world government under Shari'a Law, the Islamic set of rules for every aspect of one's life. Taqiyya (Google it) is the Arabic term that means that a Muslim can and actually should lie and deceive if it advances the causes of Islam. Maybe you could think on that a bit and then take what they tell you with some grains of that salt you've accumulated in your many wise years. If people such as you and the others who launched rebukes about my letter with little thought and less knowledge do not take the time and energy to really see the enemies to our system, we are lost. You are blindly swallowing every lie they foist upon you and viciously attack a fellow American who tries to alert you to their game. I hope you all do educate yourselves. I hope all of you come to Rockland and we can talk. If that's your picture, Mr. Riml, I'm likely as old or older than yourself.

RONALD RIML's picture

Nice picture, Jared.....

I'm also quite familiar with many of our own politicians who lie and deceive to advance their own causes, so would be much more inclined to believe it a human rather than Muslim trait. That 'Playbook' you allude to regarding "One World Government under a Single Law" is fairly universal - we Christians espoused it ourselves for quite some time - so there is nothing new under the sun.

I'm quite satisfied that though Al Jazeera represents no more threat than you do at the present, it most likely - from my years of objectively perusing it - provides a much more balanced and informative presentation of international and Middle Eastern events than Fox News would.

By the way, Jared, how much combat have you been in for our Country??

Jared Bristol's picture

The picture?

Sir, I would never dispute that our politicians lie and deceive. However, it's not codified within their religion unless they are Muslim. While humans are fallen and sin like crazy, again it's not codified in the Christian Bible to lie to advance any one world government. Christians are charged with spreading the Good News to every nation, but not to conquer them, subdue them, and kill them if they won't convert. It's a fairly big difference. You can be "quite satisfied" all you want, but you can also be "quite wrong". By the way, I'm a Viet Nam veteran and I'm still "combatting" forces that want to destroy our country. You? As far as a picture goes...what's the big deal? You're sort of grasping at straws there to find a way to shoot the messenger here. Argue the points. Give me some examples from your vast experience that show Fox News to be more biased than Al Jazeera for starters.

RONALD RIML's picture

In Hoc Signo Vinces - Facta, non Verba

Sorry to destroy your argument there, Jared. And you were an Educator? Could have fooled me......

The picture discussion? You originally brought it up - short memory you have there.

I would direct your attention to the 2005 Study Embedding the Truth - A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Objectivity and Television Coverage of the Iraq War

Sean Aday,Steven Livingston,and Maeve Hebert

"This article reports on a cross-cultural analysis of television coverage of the 2003 Iraq War that seeks to assess and understand the dimensions of objectivity in the news during wartime.A total of 1,820 stories on five American networks (ABC,CBS,NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel [FNC]) and on the Arab satellite channel Al Jazeera were included in the study. The study assessed bias on two levels: tone of individual stories and the macro-level portrait of the war offered by each network.Results showed that at the story level,the overwhelming number of stories broadcast by Al Jazeera and the American networks other than FNC were balanced. Yet the data also revealed a strong bias in support of the American-led war effort at FNC and important differences in how the various networks covered the war.Also,broadcasters showed a war devoid of blood,dissent,and diplomacy,focusing instead on a sanitized version of combat. Overall, the study found evidence that the news norm of objectivity is defined in large part by culture and ideology more than events, as the norm would imply. The study also explored in detail the coverage of embedded reporters to assess their
objectivity and compare their coverage to other types of reporters, especially “unilaterals” with whom they shared the battlefield."

Underline mine, Jared. Do read the entire study. All networks except Fox New balanced - My, My, My......

Jared Bristol's picture

nice study

When did this discussion revolve around Fox News? One study that supports your view? Fine. I never mentioned Fox News, and if they are the most biased outfit in the business, how does that have anything to do with the particular bias and support for radical islam that I am concerned about with Al Jazeera? That's like the schoolyard argument that "He did it too!" Fox News doesn't call suicide bombers martyrs. Al Jazeera does. Fox News called the Fort Hood shootings a terrorist act by a radical Muslim. Did AJ? How about you now research the lawsuit against Al Jazeera for violating Israeli law and showing Hamas rocket strikes in real time on live TV, whereby Hamas could see the accuracy of their missles. How about how Colin Powell had to ask the Emir of Qatar to tone his network down during one of the Gulf Wars? As far as me being an educator, where did you get that information? Are you researching me rather than the issue? Have you nothing better to do? And little slams all along, eg "short memory" or "could've fooled me". You started by trying to come off as the wise old man of the sea or something. I looked at your picture and concluded you're probably my age, if that. Anything but the issue, sir. How very typical of your liberal self, old man. And what about you and your combat or service, and just what does that have to do with this? Are you the guy on the road near Lost Valley with all the insane signs?

RONALD RIML's picture

You have such a short memory, Jared...

Jared wrote: "Give me some examples from your vast experience that show Fox News to be more biased than Al Jazeera for starters."

He then writes: "When did this discussion revolve around Fox News"

Dayum... Provide that which you ask for and you go off on a tangent. One practical thing I learned in my long career in Law Enforcement, Jared, was that it is impossible to reason with crazy people and drunks... You remind me of the futility of such an exercise.

The Road near lost Valley with 'The Signs' - Why not satisfy your curiosity and knock on the door? Hard. Numerous times. Yell if you need to.

Jared Bristol's picture


"Dayum" quaint. OK. You mentioned Fox News but indeed I did ask for examples. You found a study. Did this discussion center around Fox News? No. Did I mention it? Yes, in response to your doing so. Got me. I'm defeated. I guess Al Jazeera is just fine now, nothing more than the Tooth Fairy to you and yours. Just what "reason" have you brought to bear here? You've not dealt with any of the points I've raised. None. Now you're inferring I'm like a drunk or crazy. Anymore name calling? Come on now. A former law enforcement guy can do better than that. I neither drink at all, nor am I crazy. Let's see...a lot of people must be the crazy ones...yeah that's it... they don't have all the raging signs in their front yards, scribbled in a child's scrawl, all of which fit better somewhere in your lurid past... like...could it be... the 60's? You, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, and the Marxist president they rode in on. Then you invite me to knock hard on your front door, and to yell even. Is there a threat embedded in that? I think the paper ought to read this and see if you're safe to comment further. You know about projection, Ronald? Anyone reading this thread will probably have an opinion as to who is crazy and probably drunk.

RONALD RIML's picture

Oh, they're picking on Poor Jared.....!!!!

Jared writes:

"Anyone reading this thread will probably have an opinion as to who is crazy and probably drunk."

Yep...... You and your buddy

Jared Bristol's picture

You're a child

This is a dialogue? The left does exactly the same things across the board: besmirch the messenger, resort to name-calling, and other infantile, irrational assumptions and assertions based entirely upon fantasy. I'll give you one found a study that says FOX is somehow less fair and balanced than everyone else. Now divulge the backgrounds of those who did the study. Left? Could it be? Regardless, as I said, this is not about FOX. Could you please try and extend that attention span for at least a couple of moments? Tell you what. You come on up to Rockland on the 28th and you can either demonstrate on behalf of the people trying to overthrow our Constitution or those of us trying to warn that they are. Put up or shut up.

RONALD RIML's picture

So you didn't read the study to discover it's sources..

Then called me a child in the same posting which criticizes 'name-calling' - And now you want me to come up to Rockland to witness your inane vapourings.

Jared; as it's been so easy to expose you for the American Taliban which you are from the comfort of my home I need not stoke your ego with a side trip to Rockland. I'm sure the Constitution will be well protected against whack-jobs such as you.

Jared Bristol's picture


Hello again, Ronnie. It was so nice to see you at the Strand. Too bad you didn't seem to have the guts to come over and talk to us. My ego is just huge now due souly to your benevolent visitation.

RONALD RIML's picture

Had I been at the Strand

At least one of us would have been in Jail. Nice try - but a liar you continue to be.

Jared Bristol's picture

Should I include the photo?

Well, if it wasn't you, you've got an evil twin. Another threat. Nice touch.

RONALD RIML's picture

Everything's been a 'Threat' to Paranoid Whack-job You.....

That's the been the jist of your letter-writing campaign. And then you're 'seeing' people who really aren't there.

You're in need of a whole heap of help, Roscoe.

Jared Bristol's picture

Not Roscoe

Oh Ronnie, please, more name-calling. "Paranoid, Whack-job, and Roscoe" to add to the list. For a former law enforcement fellow, you sure take liberties with the law. It's not legal to threaten people, sir. We're just going to have to see if others feel you've stepped over the line. By the way, I've got a photo of the guy who I believe matches your mug to a tee. I just can't figure out how to attach it here like you did with my buddy Glenn crying. Another nice touch, by the way. I'm sure you'll impune my ancestry since I don't know how to send you a photo. Tah tah.

RONALD RIML's picture


Learn to spell, Roscoe. It's I-M-P-U-G-N

So you took someone's photograph? Did you obtain their permission? Or since you're out running around harassing reporters you thought you may just as well screw with anyone else in the neighborhood?

You certainly are a loose cannon.

I wouldn't impugn your ancestry - merely your lack of intellectual curiosity for failing to learn how to post an image.

Jared Bristol's picture


I'm so ashamed. Thanks for the correction. Let's see...the photograph. Are you suggesting that it's illegal to take photographs of people standing in a public place, holding signs that draw attention to themselves, where several media people took videos and photos, and subsequently published all of that in newspapers and on line without your permission? And why would you care since you weren't there?
Now Ronald, I would be willing to continue this thread with you, but only if you wish to actually discuss and debate the issues surrounding the original post. I'm not willing to continue listening to your pitiful, petulent, pre-pubescent, playground rants intermingled with your threats. You do realize you're on the public record making those threats?
My concern (to try to get you back on track) from the onset, was to alert folks that Mr. Foukara might lie, tell partial truths, or any number of tactics to ingratiate himself and Al-Jazeera to the unsuspecting public. And he did. We tried to wake you up to taqiyya and cultural jihad. Which he did. You and the rest of the left are our biggest obstacle in trying to defend your own country. You will tolerate a foreign system bent on your destruction, but your tolerance runs instantly dry for your own countrymen who don't drink from your deluded fountain of multiculturalism, political correctness, and diversity. Wouldn't conservatives be diverse from you, sir?

RONALD RIML's picture

So you lie when you say 'Good-Bye'....

Why does that not surprise me.

Jared Bristol's picture

Good-bye lib

Yes, indeed, I stooped to your level. You are a child. I could do more. It's been so much fun.


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