Political vocabulary test

How do you define the following?

Catastrophe — a debt of $14 trillion;

Insanity — a $1.4 trillion deficit without a budget;

Idiotic — a tax code of more than 6,000 pages that taxes only 50 percent of wage earners;

Mainstream media — water boys for leftists in the Democratic Party;

Greed —  well-off seniors on Social Security;

Fear — Sarah Palin or alternative positions;

Gaffe machine — Obama without a TelePrompter;

Danger — "a lead from the rear" foreign policy;

Democratic talking points — "tax cuts for the rich;"

Failure — $800 billion stimulus;

Barack Obama's work ethic — golf course;

Freeloading — 96 weeks of unemployment checks;

Taxpayers — government employees who did not take civil service examination.

George Jones, Otisfield

What do you think of this story?

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Jonathan Albrecht's picture

Funny, George

Funny, that anyone can is so few words establish that they aren't in contact with reality.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

Every American should be required to complete a civic 101 course

American Opportunities Act was a huge success. Over 3 million jobs created or preserved. Hundreds of billions of dollars in Federal, state and local expenditures avoided hundreds of billions more in taxes paid into government. But you don't turn a $14 trillion economy around with $878 billion in new deficit spending when the economy was trashed with $1.3 trillion deficit spending already. The stimulous had to be at least double that (a parade of economists argued for this at the time) to be effective in turning the economy around and that the Republicans prevented and Susan Collins was very public in demanding that the stimulus be less than $900 billion. So all the stimulus did was halt the downward spiral and avoid a depression; it was too small to grow the economy.
Cash for Clunkers - a Republican program. Thought up by Susan Collins. She demanded its passage for her support of the stimulus package. Took away affordable cars to many on fixed incomes? You joke. Of all the silly Republican excuses why this was a bad program that's about the lamest. Just because they are affordable doesn't mean they appeal to people on fixed incomes. Doesn't mean that people on fixed incomes weren't the ones turning them in. Doesn't mean that there was a shortage of affordable clunkers that people on fix incomes could still buy.
Obama has never said that he would not run for a second term. In fact, he's been running since January 21st, 2009. Please provide the source for such a silly comment.
So if these are your problems with recent economic efforts in this country, then you should want to fire Susan Collins not Obama.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Mr. Fogg, come to the sunshine and open your eyes. All this crap we're in came about on the Bushwackers watch. Ron may be from away but he ain't way out there in Otisfield picking dingleberries.


Two flavors

I totally agree with that. My feeling is the American people lost the battle when we became 2 sides (red state-blue state, conservative-liberal) The winners are those who feed this divide by fanning the fires of our hatreds, prejudices, bigotry and fear. Those guys are stuffing their pockets and laughing all the way to the bank. It was recently revealed that Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox news, is Obama's largest contributor. One would have to be naive to assume he is the only one playing this cynical game. A wise someone once said " A house divided against itself cannot stand". . When asked what his goal was for the war in Afghanistan OBL said he had 2 goals: to drive the Americans off the bases in Saudi Arabia and to see us go broke like the Soviets. He may be dead but I suspect as we default on our debts this week we could see a smirk on his face. It's called divide and conquer. We have always had differences of opinion in this country going back to the founding fathers. Only lately have we been preoccupied with tossing these meaningless idiological word bombs at each other, like school kids playing King of the Hill, while our enemies are devouring us.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

Straight from the "its too complicated."

"I just can't make a decision." Mindset. The difference are real; fundamental; and if you can't deal with it let the adults.

David  Cote's picture

Two flavors

That kool-aid comes in two flavors these days...Liberal AND Conservative.


It's hot

I know it's been unusually hot around here but someone's been overindulging in the idealogocal Kool-aid. That stuff can make you drunk you know.

George Fogg's picture

There are way to many with

There are way to many with idle time these days. All because of the Democratic party, Obama and the liberal agenda that caused our depression. Common sense tells those with half a brain that you cannot give loans for homes to those who do not qualify and that is just what Fanny and Freddie did at the behest of Barney Frank et al. Then the greed allowed those bad loans to be bundled and hidden until the whole mess imploded on itself.

You cannot put lipstick on a pig and make it kissable, even though Obama, Pelosi and Reid are trying to.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

"Obama and the liberal agenda that caused our depression"

Republican revisionism carried to its illogical conclusion.
1. The Recession started in December 2007. Bush in office for 6+ years. Republicans in complete control of the Government for 4 of those 6 years. Democrats held Congress for 10 months before the recession starts. Economists and the real press had been warning of the coming bubble burst since 2004.
2. Supply side economics has been totally discredited (lower income taxes only contributing to economic growth when marginal tax rates are high enough to cause massive tax evasion) . We see now the Republicans playing Russian roulette with our economy. Every economist, every political leader right and left, every banker, stock broker, and financial services manager believes the past month of Republican political game playing has done serious harm to the US economy as they try to destroy the middle class in one stroke by privatizing Medicare, Social security, and deregulate the economy (the primary source of the 2007 recession).
3. President Obama was wrong when he said that the Republicans don't know how to say Yes. What they will say yes to is nothing less than the destruction of the United States of America. They are loyal to their false self-serving ideology but not to the country.
So please explain how Obama and this unspecified liberal agenda caused our depression.

RONALD RIML's picture

The financial meltdown actually allowed by deregulation

included in the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act

"The point of Gramm-Leach-Bliley was to tear down the wall, built by Glass-Steagall, separating banks that did risky investing from those that did basic lending. (The mingling of those two helped create a cascade of bank failures during the Depression.) Thus were born Citigroup, Bank of America and J. P. Morgan Chase, behemoths that owned bank branches, bought and sold stocks and shepherded corporate mergers."

This act was authored and co-sponsored by Republican Senator Phil Gramm (R, Texas), Representative Jim Leach (R, Iowa), and Representative Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. (R, Virginia).

Phil Gramm was to be John McCain's Treasury Secretary had he been elected President.

I fault the Democrats for allowing the Republicans to go along with the madness of the Republicans - but this was not the 'Liberal Agenda' - it was Capitalism run amuck.

You really do need to learn something other than what Fox and Rush brainwas you with, George.

George Fogg's picture

Most all such congressional

Most all such congressional laws can be interpretative two ways. This law also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999. was signed into law by Clinton, so he shares the blame you put on the GOP, Ron. My point was the people who wanted to get rich off of the then expanding real estate market and bought homes that they knew were beyond their capability to handle. This was allowed by the Dems pushing banks to loan to people who were poor risks. Bush tried to stop it but Barney and the Dems had a fit!

By now the people in Washington should know that any law they create can be taken apart and used to enrich some ones pocket. Mans inequity to man!

Ron this is my last post to you. I will not play ball with a flat lander from out of state who delights in tearing apart the opinions of natives. I refuse to play that game! We must have done something right that you wanted to come here and live. Possibly to expensive and corrupt to stay in NY.

RONALD RIML's picture

Don't want to play any more, Georgie????

So you're going to take your toys and go home??? Bwa-hhaa-haa!!!

BTW - who's from New York?? You can't even 'Get it right' about where I'm from.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

Another Republican ploy.

Clinton did not sign the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999. He signed the budget act. A "must sign" bill into law. It included as an amendment the FSMA placed there by the Republicans. Clinton had no choice in signing the budget Act. Including a poison pill amendment is an old legislative trick.
Second, "the Dems pushing banks to people who were poor risks" is another Republican fantasy. No one needed to push the banks. Wells Fargo just settled one of their many fraud cases. The settlement included billions of dollars in fines because Wells Fargo fraudulently modified mortgages without the purchasers knowledge or consent placing them into mortgages which they could not afford. Countrywide started this in 2001 after getting approval from the Bush administration to securitize mortgages. This meant they could make more money selling the security than they could by servicing the mortgage. This is the root of the mortgage collapse as documented by the commission that investigated the recent Bush economic collapse.
Please explain how Bush tried to stop it?

RONALD RIML's picture

Poor Little Georgie.....Taking his Ball and Running Away

I actually delight in tearing apart the opinion of someone who is so full of B.S. - and you fit the bill.

You'll not play ball with me because you're obviously a 'Bush Leaguer' - that's your problem.

Read my post again, George - I also faulted the Democrats for going along with this madness. This was a prime example of unchecked capitalism running amuck. Clinton didn't even have to sign it - this bill passed with a veto proof majority - there's a pox on both their houses; but this 'Frankenstein Monster' was created by the three Republicans who sponsored it.

Sucks you have this 'quaint' inferiority complex which compels you to withdraw into your 'native' cocoon. Are you also going to cut off 'News from Away' such as Rush and Fox??? Somehow I doubt it...... ;) You're obviously much too addicted.

AL PELLETIER's picture


George Jones-Too much idle time in Otisfield.


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