Pedestrian rushed to hospital after struck down by car in Lewiston

Bonnie Washuk

United Ambulance personnel attend to a pedestrian that was struck shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday at the intersection of Pine and Bates Street in Lewiston. The accident is under investigation.

LEWISTON — A local man was injured Saturday afternoon when he was struck by a vehicle on Pine Street. And in a second accident that happened moments earlier, a young boy was injured when struck by a vehicle on Lisbon Street.

"Right now, we're trying to figure out what happened," said Sgt. David St. Pierre moments after the second pedestrian was hit, attended to by ambulance personnel and taken to Central Maine Medical Center.

Police said Deshaun Jackson, 23, was crossing Pine Street at around 1 p.m. when he was hit by a man driving a tan Chrysler. "We don't know the extent of his injuries yet, but at some point he went unconscious." Police said Jackson was being evaluated at the hospital Saturday night.

Jeffrey Cahill, 55, of Lewiston was driving the vehicle that struck him, police said.

Eyewitness Roberta Ishola — who said she knew Jackson — said he was crossing the street in a crosswalk when the vehicle struck him. She spoke to him  immediately after he was struck, she said.

"He said he couldn't feel from the neck down, then said he was in a lot of pain," Ishola said. "I asked for his phone number; I was going to call his dad. The next thing I know, he was out."

Police said the pedestrian accident was one of two, just moments apart, in the downtown neighborhood.

The other pedestrian struck by a vehicle was a young Somali boy, Hamza Muhumed, 6, of Lewiston, police said. That accident happened at 237 Lisbon St., less than a block from the other accident.

"He was brought to CMMC, as well. He was alert and conscious," St. Pierre said.

The boy was being evaluated at the hospital Saturday night. The driver of the vehicle that struck him was Maria Fassio, 48, of Brunswick.

Police did not have further details Saturday night. Both accidents were under investigation.

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Kim Berry's picture

responsable? who is?

I have driven that 5 days a week, and have a friend in the area. I have seen countless times where people walk down the middle of the street. Kids running abound with no adult in sight, like Robbin said.

I have seen people so many times, as I am scootin along my green light .... just boom, walk right out in front of my damn car! I locked up my breaks soooooooooo many times! Yes it is a pain in the but, but I try to watch for it, like Cathy said.

But since I was not there, I cannot say what happened. I just know that is hard to get around down town when people see you coming and walk right out in front of a moving car like that. It nerve wracking driving there for me. Because some one was about to cross the street, and did that one other time, the driver in front of me locked up THEIR brakes without warning, I slammed into their ass end! B O O M !

Another time, I was in tight traffic, and a guy ran a red light, did a left turn in front of the car in front of me, she almost T boned the jerk, she locked up her breaks, and B O O M ! I slid into her ass end. Lovely x--x Dude that ran the red light, that caused the accident? Kept goin, of course

Driving stinks, be careful as a driver, cause not all drivers or pedestrians are paying attention.

Order out lol buy on line! * kidding *

 's picture

Sidewalks not Street

Well i've driven on pine st. many times and 90% of the people over there walk in the street rather then using the sidewalk. The other 10% don't even look when crossing the street they just walk out in front of a car. So look smartin up people look both ways before crossing and use the sidewalks and you won't get run over its really that simple its not rocket science.

Randall Pond's picture

Pedestrian rushed to hospital after struck down by car in Lewist

Who that Driver is and as far as I am concerned, Jeffery Cahill should loose is license to Drive. I lived at 68 Pine Street for almost year and he was the rudest most obnoxious man, I've EVER Met! I'm sorry The Man Should not be allowed to Drive for hitting someone in a Crosswalk.


I HOPE This Kid's Family Sues you for everything you have!

David  Cote's picture

Say What???

I'm going to assume that you hold a valid Maine's drivers license, Robin. Therefore I'd like to believe you understand the existing laws concerning pedestrians walking within crosswalks. They, without question, have the right of way. The only possible way fault would be shifted upon the pedestrian is if he intentionally walked in front of the moving vehicle. As for the boy, you seem to assume it was his fault despite the fact there is no information contained within this story that details what happened. And you dare say adults and children, (pedestrians I assume although your statement is quite vauge), have no respect for local drivers. I don't know what you're seeing but from my vantage point it's clearly the other way around.

 's picture

accident victim

That's why as a good driver you have to expect someone to run into the street. I live around the corner where this person got hit. I hear and see it everyday. The other day there was a small child playing in a driveway near the road with no adult supervision at all. I stopped and then went very slowly that way if he did run out i would have been able to stop. Plus what is so important to get to that we can't just slow down in the city where we all know there are a lot of kids and people that walk in the streets anyway. Even though people may not cross in a cross walk they still have the right of way. Just be extra alert and expect the worst. I've avoided lots of accidents with people and cars that way. You don't need to drive like a maniac. just go the speed limit or slower if there are a lot of obstacles or activity. Don't blame the people. The car will be fine it's the person that can't grow a new leg or arm. I have a daughter and I can't be there every second. I try to but it's impossible. So just be more patient with the people crossing streets. God forbid you hit someone you didn't see then find out it's your child or someone you know.


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