Making it more difficult to vote

Why make it more difficult to vote? Myself and many other folks are asking that question right now.

As news outlets around the state have been reporting, during this legislative session, the majority party passed a bill that would eliminate same-day voter registration — which will make it more difficult to vote.

Why get rid of same-day voter registration? I have no idea why, and those in favor of it have yet to offer a logical explanation. That is why a group of citizens is working to collect signatures to repeal the new law with a people’s veto. I fully support this effort.

As far as I see it, getting rid of same-day voter registration will just make voting more complicated. There is no reason for it.

As a Mainer, I’ve always taken pride in the fact that state officials have worked hard to make voting in this state efficient, effective and simple. That’s why there is such a high voter turnout.

Why complicate things when they already work so well? Why add more red tape?

As long as voters show up on Election Day, can prove their residency and their identities, they should be allowed to vote.

How dare someone say otherwise?

That’s not fair. That’s not the Maine way and that’s not the American way.

For centuries, people have worked to break down barriers to voting and I cannot stand by and watch folks put them back up!

Richard Grandmaison, Lewiston

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 's picture

Its all a lie

Charlie Webster's, Chairman of the Maine Republican Party, press conference proved that no reason exists to change the law. Charlie presented not one case of an Election Day registrant who illegally voted; not one case where voter fraud changed the results of an election; not one case of the integrity of Maine's elections being affected by voter fraud. No reason to change the law.
So he must have another reason. One he will not tell you.
Sign the People's Veto. Make your politicians pay a cost for lying to you.

Bernice Fraser's picture

hard to vote

I have lived in a few other states and none of them had same day voters registration, since you have had to live in that area at least 3months before voting you had plenty of time to register, why wait until the last minute, and yes these states were rural areas, most town halls or city halls are open every day, plus 1 month before election they would have special hours so what is the problem.


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