Now is the time to pray

In response to the editorial “A day of prayer might just do us some good” (July 21), let me say that this is not just any day of prayer and fasting. This is a request by Texas Gov. Rick Perry for Bible-believing Christians to come together in spirit on Aug. 6 to pray to God — the only one who can intervene in what is happening to this country.

The U.S. is falling, and rather quickly, at that. Christians cannot just smile and look away. Christians need to say, “Enough,” and turn to whom we trust more than anything or anyone in this country — Jesus.

I am certainly not one to push religion on anyone; however, I also believe that now is the time to pray as one.

The editor questions Perry’s motives as to why he is calling on this day. This may be hard to fathom but I believe that God knows exactly all the motives behind actions.

I say, pray, pray, pray. God knows exactly what to do and how to do it.

Louise H. Griffin, Auburn

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Bernice Fraser's picture

may be that is the problem

We have been sitting on our"keisters" too long, letting the government take care of it. We have become too lasy and complacent to help ourselves. This let the government do it mentality, has to stop. by keep giving them more power and athority, we loose our freedoms, but maybe many of you do not care you like sitting there and not have to do anything.
the Supreme court does not make laws,ie. abortion no school prayers etc. they can only give their interpretation. only congress can make laws, which then goes to the senate to be ratified and then to the president for him to pass it into law or veto it. How many of thse Judicial interpretation as been taken as law , and we all sit by and not complain. The president does not make laws but we have again in the pass not objected to any he so deems to make. the senate just recently gave the president more power by allowing him to hire a large amount of position without first being interviewed by the senate.(Because of course they are too busy for these task) and the list goes on.
We say the Government gives us this and gives us that, the government doesn't GIVE away anything, it TAKES it's our tax money providing for all of these FREE services. Government does not produce jobs it creates more jobs to use our tax money and to take away our freedoms. just look back at all the freedom we use to have and all that we have lost. And I'm not talking about one political party, they are all the blame. And so are we the people for letting them get away with it.
So if a day of prayer, where all are united to ask our God or your God for intervention and assistance in giving us strenght and willingness to change this country around, to one that was designed to be, then I am all for it. And on the other 364 days you pray on your own. Stop praying for your own personal needs, but ask God what can I do to help this country, to make myself a better citizen, to be a better watchman, so not to let some corrupt politician take awy our beautiful country, that you have blessed for so many years. And maybe one of you will get a reply and will do something and then the chain will begin and this country can once again be as it was suppose to be. God has given us so much, can't we just give Him one day?
( and for all you un believers, haven't you ever even just once, asked what if I'm wrong? just because things have'nt gone your way it not because of the lack of God , but in your lack of believing? Just ask and you just may recieve.)

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Prayer Is Begging

So we're supposed to petition god(s) instead of getting off our keisters and inacting positive change for ourselves? That's delirious thinking in my book. Or maybe the lord doesn't have it all figured out? as his believers typically claim he does. He needs persuasive nudges of mindless obseqiousness from his flock to change his purportedly predestined course? In that case, god sounds like an insecure game-player to me. Look at the 1st Commandment. That is one puerile god, all worried about his standing in the cosmos.

Besides, nothing fails like prayer, and I gave up my imaginary friends years ago. Even Santa.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Always refreshing to hear

"Always refreshing to hear from a true believer", sez the parrot.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Pirate Axiom

To err is human.

To arr is pirate.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

AARRGHH!! KK is very

KK is very perceptive.

RONALD RIML's picture

Give me a freakin' break!!!

Dim-Wit Governor LePage calls for a 'Day of Fasting' during the 'Maine Lobster Festival'

August 3rd - 7th, Rockland, ME

Who's side is he on, anyway??? Idiot!!!

 's picture


Ronald, I think we need to create the "Sun Journal Sane Citizens" award and first give it to you in perpetuity. You to so much better than I do.

RONALD RIML's picture


My posts hardly approach yours in clarity and thoughtfulness......

It's just that when they are lucid - the contrast makes them shine so brilliantly!!!

 's picture


Ronald, I think we need to create the "Sun Journal Sane Citizens" award and first give it to you in perpetuity. You to so much better than I do.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Veritas does have a point.

Veritas does have a point. LePage, the idiot, may get Maine to go along with it, but he'll never get the other "56" states to go along with the idea; particularly "Mastwozits", as one individual likes to call it.


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