Greene couple arrested again

A Greene couple was arrested again Saturday evening and charged with violating bail conditions, just a week after more than 20 law enforcement officers from the Maine State Police and other agencies broke up an unruly party at their home.

Vicki Poland, 55, and Daniel Poland, 57, both of 473 Quaker Ridge Road, were arrested shortly before 10 p.m. Saturday at their home. Two state police officers had gone to the home to perform a routine bail check, state police Lt. Walter Grybz said Monday.

Both Vicki and Daniel Poland were prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol as part of their bail conditions, Grybz said, following their arrests the previous Sunday, Daniel for disorderly conduct, and Vicki for failure to disperse.

After arriving at the Polands' home Saturday evening, Sgt. Joseph Mills and Trooper Tyler Stevenson discovered that Vicki Poland was in possession of alcohol and had been drinking, and Daniel Poland was also in possession of alcohol, Grybz said. When the officers found the Polands were in violation of their bail conditions, he said, they arrested them.

Such bail checks can be done at any time and are an important tool in fighting domestic-, drug- and alcohol-related crime, Grybz said. “They maintain the integrity of the criminal justice system,” he said. “It's very common for us to do bail checks.”

Vicki and Daniel Poland were released from Androscoggin County Jail at about 4:30 p.m. Monday on personal recognizance, a jail official said.

Noise complaints from neighbors led state police to respond to a party at the Poland's home just before 1 a.m. on Sunday, July 24, the Sun Journal reported previously. Party-goers at the Polands' home that night turned down music when first instructed to do so by police, but they turned up the volume again and began heckling police officers before they left the scene, Trooper Ricci Cote had told the Sun Journal.

Because of that hostility, state police troopers called for back-up. Ultimately, more than 20 officers from the Lewiston, Sabattus and Monmouth police departments, the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department, and the Maine Warden Service joined the State Police to break up the party.

Along with Daniel and Vicki Poland, police also arrested Daniel Poland's son Jared, 30, and brother Craig, 48, charging them with  disorderly conduct. Jared Poland was also charged with failure to disperse, and Craig Poland was charged with resisting arrest after a Sabattus police officer zapped him with a Taser, according to Cote.

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Wanda Chadbourne's picture


Linda,for one, none of their children were arrested,the other 2 were relatives that were there,along with everyone else for an engagement party.Funny how the police did a "check" on them for "bail conditions" but have failed to do so elsewhere that truly NEEDS a surprise visit.I know this family very well and they are all good people. Its sad that things got out of hand but as in any other case where alcohol or drugs are involved,it blocks the fear and makes people do things they normally don't.I am sure after this they will be made to do some sort of alcohol/drug counseling or could look at jail time.Its just sad that because their son is getting married and they had a party to celebrate it,the neighbors couldn't have gone over themselves and asked them to quiet things down before just calling the police and things getting out of hand the way they did.

Jeff Douglas's picture


out on bail, caught violating bail, arrested, bailed out again for no extra $$$.

Bob Deschenes's picture

follow up visit

Good job SP

Bob Deschenes's picture

follow up visit

Good job SP


So, how many times will this couple have to be arrested before they get help??? Too bad a drunk doesn't ever see the harm they do, and I can see the son is following in the parents footsteps.. such a shame


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