VIDEO: Alleged Lewiston assault ends in arrest

On Monday night August 1 Shawn Edward Latham, 40, of 94 College Street in Lewiston was arrested by Lewiston Police after allegedly attacking his wife at that address.  He is being charged with domestic assault, refusing to submit to arrest or detention and two charges of assault. 

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Lori D'Amico's picture

Proud of the Children

I just wanted to say that although I do not know this family, I am very grateful that these kids were in the right place at the right time because this woman that was beaten could very well have been critically injured or worse! That "person" who beat her does not deserve to call himself a man--he is a coward who very likely feels powerless and so he seeks to control others whom he perceives as weaker or more vulnerable than himself. (Women and children) Something tells me if there were a 200 lb, 6 foot tall man in the room, he'd have been mouthy perhaps but not dared to touch anyone for fear that he himself would be beaten. I do not advocate violence of any kind but I DO hope that justice is served in this case for this lady and for his other victims because you can be SURE there will be more if he isn't dealt with!
Last but not least I am sooo PROUD of the kids for standing up to what is right, and especially for that young man who said that "It is not ok to hit a woman!" His mom taught him right and should be very proud but I hope she will get some counseling so she can also understand that she does not deserve to be hit and that she needs to set the bar higher when it comes to men she dates and/or marries.
TY also to Sun Journal for reporting this story. Too often these things are kept quiet so kudos for outing the criminals and keeping the public aware of this issue.


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