New L-A resident needs computer help

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am fairly new in the Lewiston region, so do not know of any personal computer techs that I may call to solve a problem. I read Sun Spots daily and see that you do help a lot of folks. Do you happen to have in your Rolodex a good reliable inexpensive personal computer tech who will come to my house? Thanks so much! — Helen Boyce,

ANSWER: It’s never inexpensive to have computers repaired, but having someone come to your home will be even more costly, so be prepared. Sun Spots hasn't seen any helpful Geek Squad employees zooming around in yellow cars.

There are computer repair services of course, including several in the phone book, such as the Computer Place at 1485 Lisbon St. Lewiston, 783-7232, and www.computers in the Marketplace Mall on Main Street in Lewiston, 376-4555.

Readers may have recommendations. There are individuals who do that kind of work from their homes, too, who might write in to offer their expertise. Be sure to get references and an estimate of the cost.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a figurine of the boxing match that was held in Lewiston many years ago. I have had no luck selling it and hoped that someone from Lewiston might want it. Back in 1991 I paid well over $500 for it and have brought the price down. Can you help me find someone who might want it? — No Name via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots did not include your name or email because you cannot sell items via Sun Spots. She suggests you try placing a classified ad (category: collectibles). You can reach the advertising department at 783-2281 or 800-482-0935.

Another option would be eBay, which has a special category for sports memorabilia. The market for collectibles is not particularly strong right now. You may have to list the item several times.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am not sure that you can do anything about this, but FairPoint customers have the right to know. I stopped my service with them in January 2010, but every month since I have received a statement for a 37-cent credit. I have called them several times and even sent the statement back asking them to just write the credit off.

Here is a company that has had money problems, yet they have spent money on postage for a year and a half for a small credit that could just be written off with the stroke of a key. Thank you. — No Name via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots corresponded with a media relations representative from FairPoint. He said he would contact you, but when Sun Spots emailed you to follow up, no one had contacted you. Sun Spots then followed up with the media rep, but he never responded to that email. She suspects, however, that you will find the problem resolves itself shortly.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would just like to say thank you to all my wonderful friends who have made it possible for me to survive the last two years with our nonprofit shop. Thanks to all of you who have donated beautiful vintage and precious items. Classy Elegance would not have made it if it wasn't for those of you who shop here.

The proceeds from the shop go to children in need and then to elderly in the community. If there is any extra, it goes to the abused women’s group, then a church. We have helped, so far, 18 elderly and 38 children and supported the shop. I am truly hoping we will survive this year.

Thanks again to you wonderful people for donations and patronage. — Lyn Hodgdon,

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David Perry's picture

Computer help

I have been providing in-home and online computer support for over 25 years. 956-0604.

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New L-A resident needs computer help

Buck Buchanan of Professional Computer Services in Auburn does house calls. His phone # is 784-6295. His email is


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