Dishonest congressmen

I believe that the common people of America want to know why our congressmen have such large salaries, huge benefits and can vote themselves raises, yet cut programs for the elderly and needy in this country.

Here is my solution: The elected officials should live on Social Security and have Medicare for themselves and their families' health needs. Then, take the money saved from their inflated salaries and give it back to Social Security. After all, it was stolen from that program years ago, with no payback.

They cater to the rich, take away from the poor and middle class, send U.S. jobs overseas, assist other countries, but turn their backs on the people here who are in need.

This country was founded on high morals and a firm belief in God. Congressmen have dumped God aside for the whims of a few. Their rights include to worship or pray as they wish. They do not have a right to change this country's values to their own.

Bring back prayer and God to this country.

As for integrity and morals, congressmen lost those a long time ago.

It is my opinion that they are self-serving, dishonest and morally corrupt.

Louise Bunker, West Farmington

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I thought of going into

I thought of going into politics once, but the last time I got out of jail, I promised my mother I would never go back to a life of crime. 0O:)

Terry Donald's picture

Which prayer?

Yes bring back prayer, have a muslim cleric come into the house everyday for call to prayer.
The Dalai Lama could lead prayers in the Senate.
I'd love to have some local Somalian's lead the prayers in Augusta for the upcoming legislative session.
And I hope the our Governor would have a Rabbi along with a Priest lead him in prayer every morning in the Blaine House.
I don't trust the rest of those religions, Rick Perry can have all the rest of them

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Right On

Right On


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