Foss Jewelry hit by burglar

LIVERMORE FALLS — Police are investigating a break-in and theft of items at Foss Jewelry store early Tuesday at Main and Church streets.

Someone threw an object through the glass front door and then smashed a display case, Sgt. Steve Allen said. A burglary alarm went off and was reported to police by the security company, he said.

Store manager Anne Winter said the alarm company contacted her at 2:30 a.m.

“I was down there in 10 minutes and both police officers were already there,” she said.

Livermore Falls officer Steve Wilkinson and Jay officer Russell Adams responded to the alarm.

Winter, who has managed the store for decades, believes this is the first time it has been hit while the store was closed. It was hit once while the store was open during the day, Winter said.

This time, the intruder or intruders grabbed a handful of items and left the store quickly, she said.

Allen said police were not releasing what was stolen at this time.

Police called David Frey, manager of Ware-Butler Inc. of Livermore Falls, at about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday to get plywood to cover the broken glass door, Winter said.

“The police did a great job,” Winter said. “You don't stop and realize in the middle of the night where you would get a piece of plywood,” she said.

Frey measured what size piece was needed and then cut it to fit, she said.

“The community helps each other,” Winter said. “It's business, helping business.”

Foss Jewelry opened at 9 a.m. Tuesday on schedule. The store was cleaned up and the glass in the door was being replaced.

Foss Jewelry was recognized in 2009 with a legislative sentiment recognizing it for being in business for 90 years.

The sentiment, sponsored by Rep. L. Gary Knight, R-Livermore Falls, referred to the store as a "diamond in the downtown business district of Livermore Falls," and "exemplary Maine business."

It was started by owner Katy Botka-Quirrion's great uncle, the late Lester Foss in 1919. Her grandfather, the late George “Henry” Botka, and her grandmother, Elaine Botka, Foss' niece, bought the store in 1959. The couple sold it to their son and Botka-Quirrion's father, the late Stephen Botka, in 1999. Botka-Quirrion assumed ownership after her father died in February 2009.

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Davina Poulin's picture

I hope nothing was stolen and

I hope nothing was stolen and that their insurance covers the damages. It really hurts when a small, family-owned business is hit by undoubtedly local hoodlums. It feels so personal. They're pretty brazen to hit a business nearly across the street from the police department. I hope they're caught in the future for their obvious stupidity.


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