Local man pleads guilty to harassment by telephone

FARMINGTON — A New Sharon man pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment by telephone Wednesday in Franklin County Superior Court in an agreement that could dismiss the charge if he stays out of trouble for the next two years.

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Gerald McGlamery

Gerald McGlamery, 52, of Swan Road was arrested March 4 on three misdemeanor charges of stalking and one count of criminal threatening.

These charges were dismissed within the agreement, James Andrews, assistant district attorney, said following the hearing. A fifth charge, harassment by telephone, was added by the district attorney.

If all goes well for the next 24 months, when McGlamery returns to court, the charge will be dismissed. If not, he could be sentenced for up to six months on the misdemeanor charge, Andrews said.

"It's a stay away order," Andrews said of the agreement that prohibits McGlamery from contact with New Sharon Selectmen Russ Gardner, Maynard Webster and family members. 

McGlamery can have contact with the selectmen in regard to business he has with the town.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department received a complaint March 4 and began an investigation.

McGlamery has a longstanding civil issue with the town and selectmen. The information is confidential, Franklin County Detective David St. Laurent previously said.

Selectmen alleged that McGlamery was leaving harassing messages on their answering machines that also involved selectmen's families, he said.

After talking with Selectmen Webster, Gardner and Larry Donald, and other victims, and listening to the messages, police interviewed McGlamery and arrested him.

McGlamery previously denied the charges. Earlier this spring, he claimed he was organizing a group to vote Gardner out of office during the town's annual town meeting on March 5, one day after he was arrested. Gardner's seat was up for re-election but Webster would not provide information on when and where elections were held, according to McGlamery.

McGlamery claimed the issue he had with Gardner, who serves as General Assistance administrator for the town, regarded Gardner's request that he obtain information from his landlord, which McGlamery said he could not legally do.


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Gerry McGlamery's picture

District Attorney agrees I did nothing wrong

The district attorney (Andrews) agreed no laws were broken, but he was pressured by selectmen to pursue charges. Being personal friends with both Maynard Webster and Russel Gardner and Sheriff Pyke, he (Andrews) felt required to get some sort of plea. Mr. McGlamery offered to stay away from the selectmen, except for town business, but DA Andrews refused, instead, Andrews thought a court order would be more acceptable to the claimants, even though it held no real value.

DA Andrews apologized profusely for the charges, but stated it was over his head. He advised individuals should not fight their selectmen, or similar charges may occur.

Gerry McGlamery's picture

Good Old Boys Club

Apparently, it is illegal to call your selectman and tell him you are going to vote him out of office at the town meeting. The selectmen will call their long time buddy, the sheriff (Dennis Pike) have you arrested and detain you so your civil rights are violated by not being allowed to vote at the town meeting.

As far as Mr. Gardner, he insisted I obtain confidential information about my landlord, which I refused. He was well aware it would be a violation of my landlord's rights and illegal for me to provide the information, yet he demanded the confidential information anyway. I have been told by others that Mr Gardner constantly violates New Sharon ordinances against the advice of town employees. This is not a person who should be in public office.

Since I have never had any personal contact with Mr Gardner and Mr Webster, I had no issue with continuing to do the same. The selectmen have also been barred from denying me the right to participate in town functions and meetings.

The original charges of stalking and threatening were fabricated. Mr. Andrews, the DA, admitted no threats of any kind were made, therefore the charges were dismissed. The charge of phone harassment is partially defined as 2 calls to an individual who did not want the calls. I called each twice in order to obtain information about the upcoming town meeting, both selectmen refused to tell me when and where the meeting was to be held.

Lawyers I have spoken to stated I may very well have a case against the selectmen for deliberately denying me the right to vote at the town meeting. I am pursuing all legal avenues against the selectmen.

The good old boys club is alive and well in New Sharon.

 's picture

Civil rights issue

This is a very disturbing incident, as so far as I can learn Gerry McGlamery did nothing wrong. He had a disagreement with one of the selectmen--since when is this against the law? He telephoned one or more of the selectmen to find out when and where the town meeting would be, and he mentioned that he was organizing neighbors to vote out Russ Gardner and elect someone else instead. Since when is this a crime?!

He made no threats. He was thrown in jail to prevent him from attending New Sharon's town meeting. This is not a man who rants and raves; everything I have seen that he has written is rational and of reasonable length.

Why is there no group to protect the civil rights of local residents? There are many abuses of power committed around here, and the public seems to take the view that nothing can be done about it.


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