Redneck 'Olympics'?

Perhaps I should say "Redneck Fun Day," rather than "Redneck Olympics."

The big-shot U.S. Olympic Committee lawyers have nothing else to do but bother with a small-town event in Maine? Here we go again.

What makes me mad is that the Redneck Olympics was advertised for how long before it happened and no one said a word? Now that it came off successfully, Olympic officials are getting on the promoter?

How much can a small event in Maine bother those people?

I really believe that some people have too much time on their hands to come up with such stuff.

If the Olympic Committee uses the money it gets for training athletes, why doesn't it quit wasting money to pay lawyers to bother with stuff like the Redneck Olympics?

I bet if the event had flopped, no one on the Olympic Committee would have cared.

Fred Horsfall, Buckfield

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 's picture

Redneck Olympics

It isn't worth the hassell, the time or the money to fight it. Just change the name a bit. "Redneck O-lympiks". Still gets the idea across and it seems even more like a redneck event. I haven't filed a trade mark application for the name so you are free to use it.

 's picture


Unfortunately, trademark laws are so loose that you can trademark just about anything. I would like to trademark the word "fun" so that nobody could have "fun" anumore without paying me. :)

Jason Theriault's picture

You made money

This is a commercial event which you sold tickets. While I don't think you should get dinged really, for all intents are purposes, they have the trademark on the word "Olympics" and you have to respect that. And if they don't want your commercial event using their trademark, that's their right.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The recent Sun Journal

The recent Sun Journal Editorial mentioned several situations in which the word "olympics" is being used no less blatantly than Harold Brooks, with no apparent consequences from the USOC. Why Brooks? Why would one even attempt to defend their position, even though allegedly legal? It's absurd.

 's picture

i'm surprised that jeff

i'm surprised that jeff foxworthy isn't suing for using the term red necks which he undoubtly owns. after all, he borrowed and popularized the term from the american hicks in the same way that the olympic committee borrowed and popularized their term from the ancient greeks.
j/k sarcasam filter on

 's picture

Red Neck Olympics

I think there are enough things wrong with this country without this. This has nothing to do with the World Olympics whatsover and most countries won't even hear about it. I don't think we are taking any of the glamour from them or for the life of me can't even see a connection.It seems there are people out there that just read papers looking for a reason to sue. Most probably lawyers. There are more important things to be concerned about and if they spent as much time worrying about them we might be able to get the America back that we all knew and loved. What's next Special Olympics? Whenever I read something so dumb and stupid as this I somehow feel the ALCU has their noses in it somehow. That organization is worse than any Communist Party that I have ever heard of and should be banned out of existence and would sure get my vote. They are a menace to this country,


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