Garbage protest

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Surrounded by bags of garbage in the drizzling rain, Ron Kyllonen, left, speaks to Chip Frahn after he stopped to see why Kyllonen had been sitting outside Sarah Jeannes on Sabattus Street in Lewiston since 8 a.m. Monday. "Each bag is a representation of our society," Kyllonen said. "It's about Lewiston turning into a cesspool of society. There is garbage everywhere and no one picks it up. And it's the fault of the people because we're allowing them to be pigs." But his anger wasn't just over the garbage. It was over politicians not directly answering questions about the welfare system, and about a slew of other things he believes to be societal issues. To see a video and hear Kyllonen explain his protest, visit

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Ron Rocks!

He certainly hits the nail on the head.

Bernice Fraser's picture

garbage protest

When people are given everything, and do not have to work for what they have been given, there is no pride and no incentive to take care of their surrounding.Let the city, the state etc. take care of it, after all their the ones who put us in this position. But they never take the responsiblity or the will, and incentive to get themselves out of these situations, instead they will stay in their improvish state and in their filth rather than helping themselves by making their area cleaner free of garbage, take pride in what they have and be held responsible for the maintanance of these building.
To be illegiable for finacial and housing care they should be expected to give back to the community (unless disable) even by just keeping your area clean, not trashing the area, clean the snow away from your entry way. I'm sure that city official could come up with things for you to do, as a pay back for what they are getting. Because these jobs are being done by people who pay taxes to make it possible for them to live with out working for it. They can find money for their cigarettes and beer and cell phones and other luxury, yes these are luxury they are not needed to live. But they see this as a right, while many hard working taxpaying people are struggling and doing without. There is a quote from Benjamin Franklin that says something in this order, make it comfortable for people to be poor, and they will never try to improve their status.
Welfare should be short term help, in time of trouble, not a way of life

 's picture

God Bless him. He's right.

God Bless him. He's right.

 's picture

I love it!!!

As a small business owner myself, I can't agree with you more. Well said.


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