When family was family

I think that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is right on with his idea that Sunday is a time for prayer, a time to be with family and friends, and that all large stores be closed at 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Let's get back to when a family was a family.

It is true. Money is the root to evil.

Alan Girouard, Hartford

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Bernice Fraser's picture

read the book

since the bible says the sabbath is on the seventh day, then if it would please all, let the stores be close on Saturday. The idea is to get a day of rest from your daily routine and to spend time with God and your family, make one of these days a special one. The Christian celebrate Sundays since the time of Constantine, to separate themselves from the jewish tradition, and because Jesus was resurected on Sunday.
I would not even try to think wich would be God's choice.
The original message of the letter from Mr.Giroudwas to keep one of the days holy for God and family. Who knows maybe this world would change for the better, because it sure is in need of help.

 's picture

Once upon a time...

...in a galaxy far, far away, stores were closed on Sunday. As in didn't open. Closed.

 's picture

Perhaps you should read the book ...

... you are so eager to thump. The actual phrase is: The love of Money is the root of all evil. Being wealthy does not make you evil, contrary to what you read here daily. It means that you are successful through personal initiative or, like the Kennedys, you picked the right parents.

How about our Jewish friends who celebrate the sabbath from Friday evening to Saturday evening? Shut down everything for a long weekend.

If your family prays on one day but preys on the other six, it is dysfunctional and you won't get into Heaven, no matter how many stores you close.

Bernice Fraser's picture

take time to relax

I remember a Lewiston, when all department stores and large grocery stores were closed on Sundays, a few Mom and Pops stores where open for maybe half a day , only a few gas station here and there. Sunday was a day for church and family. Not bussiness. Yet it seemed that everyone got what they needed during the other six days, knowing the stores would not be open Sunday. Until greed and the Malls came in, and these bussiness felt they had to stay open on Sundays because the Malls were ,and they were in compettion. Then Sunday shopping became an entertainment, Im sure if we would go back to the older times, they would not find that the income would be less, because most who do go into these stores on Sundays buy very little, and they would make an effort to do their shopping on the other 6 days.
Maybe find time to go to church and spend quality time with family, make it a special day as it was designed to be.


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