Livermore tax rate drops 40 cents

LIVERMORE — Selectpersons voted unanimously Monday to lower the tax by 40 cents to $13.40 per $1,000 of property value for 2011-12, town Administrative Assistant Kurt Schaub said Tuesday.

It will give the town $46,880 in overlay, he said.

The minimum the rate could have been set at was $13.14 and the maximum was $13.80, he said. The latter is what the rate was last year.

The town does take out tax anticipation notes to carry it through the time when tax revenues slow down.

Tax bills will go out within the next couple of weeks. The first half of the bill is due on Nov. 15 and the second half on April 17, 2012, Schaub said.

Pending tax liens notices were sent out Thursday. This year there were 187 notices with the total amount represented of $157,000 in taxes compared to 166 notices sent out last year, valued at $122,000 in taxes, he said.

Last year by the time the 30 days allotted between notice and placing liens on property went by, the $122,000 owed was reduced to $78,000, Schaub said.

Liens are scheduled to be placed on Sept. 12 for unpaid property taxes for the 2010-11 billing.

In other business, Schaub said he informed the board that the new computer system will be installed in the town office the week of Sept. 12.

The money for the system, $8,000, was budgeted in this year’s budget, he said.

The town will go from a network of computers connected to each other to a true server environment, he said.

It will be a faster system and a second work station will be added at the counter so customers will be assisted quicker.

Schaub also updated the board on paving, which will be done on Tessier and Norlands roads during the week of Aug. 22.

A finish coat will be put on the Norlands Road from Boothby Road, also Route 108, to Waters Hill Road. Paving on Tessier will complete that project, he said.

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 's picture

And so it begins. Jay's

And so it begins. Jay's taxrate increases by .50 and Livermore's decreases. Isn't school consolidation wonderful???


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