Board OK's appointing new attorney

RUMFORD — By unanimous vote Tuesday night, selectmen appointed local lawyer Jennifer Kreckel as the town's attorney for a year.

Kreckel, who replaces Rumford lawyer Thomas Carey, previously held the position for several years prior to Carey's appointment.

At a special board meeting on Aug. 11, Town Manager Carlo Puiia nominated Carey for the position, according to the minutes. Chairman Greg Buccina then motioned to approve the appointment.

However, Selectman Jeremy Volkernick wanted to seek someone who works with municipalities in Maine and asked Puiia to check with other attorneys.

Like Volkernick, Selectman Jolene Lovejoy also wanted an attorney experienced with Maine municipalities, but also one who specializes in tax-increment financing for a more cost-effective approach.

However, Rumford's charter requires that town attorneys reside in Rumford, something Volkernick suggested changing.

Because selectmen voted 2-2 on Aug. 11 on Buccina's motion, Carey wasn't appointed. Selectman Jeff Sterling was absent.

Since then, Carey told Puiia to remove his name from the list of Rumford lawyers from whom to choose, Puiia said Tuesday evening.

“I have no problem with Tom Carey. His work is acceptable,” Volkernick said Tuesday night.

“As for myself, we work for the taxpayers to find the best attorney for the best price and I feel we couldn't do that this time because of the town charter,” he said.

The board then voted 5-0 for Kreckel, ending the special board meeting in 10 minutes.

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Fred Stone's picture

Dynamic Duo

How soon we forget what a mess Jolene Lovejoy left the town in and her and Jennifer Kreckel teamed up to add to the mess.
I am sure Steve Eldridge is still laughing all the way to the bank with the gift that these two helped give him.
It is time to change the charter and allow someone from out of town to be the town lawyer to prevent a conflict of interest.

Thanks Fred

The charter needs plenty of work but this board will only place people on it to do their bidding. You can be sure of that.

Cost us money

This lawyer cost us money the last time she held the position with the Eldrige affair. I knew this would happen as soon as Lovejoy was elected. She was part of the problem then and is making her mark again. Mr. Volkernick you are an easy mark for making the wrong decisions through persuation from the wrong people. Mr. Carey did a great job. Don't blame him from taking his name out. Why would you want to work with the likes of this board. Thank you Mr. Carey for serving Rumford so diligently. This town is becoming a bigger farse daily.


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