Helicopter to aid power line upgrade

ROXBURY — Starting Wednesday, Aug. 17, a helicopter line-construction company will be flying just above the tree-top level to help build Central Maine Power's new upgraded power line between Roxbury and Rumford.

AIR2 of Timonium, Md., will work with the Electrical Line Utility Group of Lewiston-based electrical contractor E. S. Boulos, according to an E. S. Boulos letter sent Tuesday to residents along the 8-mile-long corridor.

AIR2's McDonnell Douglas 500 helicopter is like a small Bell Jet Ranger helicopter, Adam Miller, the ESB project engineer, stated by email on Tuesday afternoon.

A helicopter and crew will be pulling rope through the new transmission line running adjacent to the existing transmission line, wrote David Anderson.

Anderson is handling overall safety and environmental inspections for ESB's Utility Division Overhead Transmission Line project, which will run from the Rumford Falls substation to the Roxbury substation.

“You should not be alarmed to see or hear the helicopter, as it will be hovering in and out of these areas assisting in the construction of the transmission line,” Anderson wrote to Rumford residents of Routes 2 and 120; High, Virgin and Maple streets; and Swain, Isthmus and Moore roads.

“We ask that you do not enter the right-of-way at any time beginning August 15 through October 11, as we respect your safety as well as ours,” he said.

The transmission line is being upgraded to handle electricity that will begin to be generated in either November or December when the Record Hill Wind LLC wind power project goes on line.

That $120 million project consists of 22 wind turbines being built atop Roxbury hills.

For more information, contact Anderson at 615-3080.


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Mike DiCenso's picture

more noise

As if the doubling of the power line width was not altering the ecosystem enough, the helicopter will be disrupting people and critters with its excessive roar. Add the copter emissions to the C02 tally sheet for total emissions associated with the wind turbine scam. They can never repay their carbon debt and the climate change will continue unabated. Real solutions are desperately needed, not Enron games.


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