Wind developer says Sumner could benefit from project

SUMNER — Daniel Perron, chairman of the Industrial Wind Ordinance Committee, opened Thursday night's informational meeting with comments on the panel's work.

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Bruce Metrick, project engineering manager for Cianbro Corp., shows slides of wind and electrical projects the company has done. His presentation was before residents of Sumner on Thursday night.

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Donald Perron, chairman of the Sumner Industrial Wind Ordinance Committee, spoke to a large crowd at a wind energy informational meeting Thursday night.

“IWOC members are all committed and are in accord to doing the will of the people in providing an industrial wind ordinance for the town,” he said.

The town was approached this year with an informal proposal by Clear Sky Energy LLC of Barnstable, Mass., to erect five wind turbines on Spruce Hills, which includes, Mount Tom in the southwest area of town off Decoster Road.

Perron, who is also chairman of the Planning Board said, “When we were approached by Clear Sky Energy, we realized the town was vulnerable against industrial wind without an ordinance.

“A volunteer citizens committee was formed to study the past, present and future of wind power and to weigh all factors in writing an ordinance. Sub committees were formed to study all aspects of wind energy,” he said.

A PowerPoint presentation was given by Clear Sky Energy president and Chief Executive Officer Joseph A. Santolucito.

“Our vision is to deliver responsible wind energy and to be respectful to the environment and rights of the neighbors, he said.”

In response to questions about turbine noise causing health problems, Santolucito said an expert panel reviewed sound from wind turbines and determined there was no evidence that sounds or sub-audible vibrations had any adverse physiological effects. He said wind turbines are getting quieter with new blade designs.

He said that a good ordinance was needed to address all topics of concern. There is also a need to review studies or facts versus opinions, take field trips to energy projects and keep the public involved through communications, he said.

Economic benefits for Sumner would be temporary construction jobs, a community benefit fund and developers in Maine selling power directly to the consumer at a discount from retail rates.

James Longacre, vice president of Clear Sky Energy, said the proposed project on Spruce Hills ridge could create $200,000 to $300,00 per year in tax revenues for the town. He said Sumner could use the funds to lower taxes.

Wind energy facts presented by Santolucito were:

* There are 41,400 megawatts of wind power installed in the United States as of this year, enough power to supply 10 million homes.

* 1 megawatt provides enough power for 225 to 300 average households.

* Wind energy generates tens of thousands of jobs.

* Wind projects boost local tax bases.

Bruce Metrick, project engineering manager from Cianbro Corp. of Pittsfield, showed slides of wind energy and electrical distribution projects the company has done in Maine and other states.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection sound standards for wind turbine noise are a maximum of 45 decibels at night and 55 decibels during the day, it was stated.

Longacre said the proposed setback of 1,500 feet from wind turbines to any residence will safely meet the sound standards.

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Dan McKay's picture

For the people on the

For the people on the committee to study wind power for Sumner : If you feel overwhelmed by all the aspects you hear about industrial sized turbines, you are not alone. STUDY is the key word here and you can understand everything you will need to know to make a responsible decision your town can live with. Good Luck.

Mike DiCenso's picture

Don't believe it

Sumner, every town has seen hate and discontent spread by the wind developers. They will become quite wealthy when the Fed dollars come rolling their way. It is not about climate change, because these industrial behemoths are so carbon indebted from their construction they can never repay it. When hydro is reduced to make way for wind power, it is replacing one renewable with another. C02 savings? NONE!! Don't believe the legalese fabrications and fantasy from the greedy Mass. developers. Wind turbines don't make any noise but the new blades are quieter? How can this be, and the same guy said it!! Red flag. Avail yourselves of the Citizen's Task Force, Friends of Maine Mtns. and the Friends of Lincoln Lakes websites. My personal opinion, though you didn't ask,THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

Penny Gray's picture

Wow, the wind developer is

Wow, the wind developer is granting residents a 1,500' set back from their forty story tall industrial machines! How generous! I wonder why these machines must be placed twenty miles off shore to protect coastal residents' quality of life and scenic viewshed? Could it be that rural Mainers don't have the same rights?

Gary Steinberg's picture

THEY Will TRy To Get AWay with Everything, and ANYTHING!

Remember this, there is no Ethics when dealing with Wind Scoundrels and Liars.
Have an ethics code as a precondition with all selectmen and developers.

Follow this :

1. Do you have, had or will have benefited financially from this or other wind projects in your area?
Are you a self-server?

2. Do you know if the selectmen have had secret meetings, financial dealings or other arrangements with representatives of First Wind in crafting this ordinance, and can they meet the transparency and ethics standards as put forth in my post below, (which are indeed the law in NY State). Are any selectmen self-servers?

...Remember, Maine has no such ethics laws, and indeed, a cash transfer to a town father would have to be caught on camera to declare it a violation of ethics in Maine, as Maine basically has no law in this area?
Because of the scope, size, environmental impacts, health and property value impacts, and potential permanent changes to this rural community, we the People of Lincoln(applies to all towns in Maine) and surrounding communities must know all the facts, so we, the citizens, are sure that all the standards of ethics and integrity of legal process have been upheld. The history of the dealings of the above aforementioned company must be completely scrutinized, as is being done in New York State at this moment. We have every reason to believe, and do insist, that the Code of Ethics governing these companies recently adopted in New York State be applied in Maine to assure that the public is properly protected and has the time to fairly evaluate the values and pitfalls of this new industry to our area.

We therefore request that the Attorney General of Maine establish this code that:

1.Bans wind companies from hiring municipal employees or their relatives, giving gifts of more than $10 during a one-year period, or providing any other form of compensation that is contingent on any action before a municipal agency.

2.Prevents wind companies from soliciting, using, or knowingly receiving confidential information acquired by a municipal officer in the course of his or her official duties.

3.Requires wind companies to establish and maintain a public web site to disclose the names of all municipal officers or their relatives who have a financial stake in wind turbine development.

4.Requires wind companies to submit in writing to the municipal clerk for public inspection and to publish in the local newspaper the nature and scope of the municipal officers financial interest.

5.Mandates that all wind easements and leases are in writing and filed with the County Clerk.

6.Dictates that within thirty days of signing the Wind Industry of Maine Code of Ethics, companies must conduct a seminar for employees about identifying and preventing conflicts of interest when working with municipal employees.

In addition, the establishment of a Citizen Review Board with direct legal consul from the Attorney General will be created to oversee and monitor the above Code within Maine.

The above Maine Ethics Code for Wind Industry companies is essentially the same as that which Attorney General Cuomo of New York State established on October 30, 2008. It was created because of the ongoing legal investigations initiated by citizens against First Wind and Noble Environmental Power in New York State. These investigations remain ongoing.

The Citizens of Maine must have this code to ensure that fair and ethical dealings be established by Windpower companies in Maine with it citizenry.
We cannot allow the ‘Windrush’ in Maine to undermine integrity of legal process, as well as impact communities in a multitude of ways,some of which may be detrimental , without a full , transparent process in place.
At this moment no such process exists in Maine. We insist on a statewide moratorium on wind development until the Maine Ethics Code for the Wind Industry is established.

Gary Steinberg's picture

Clear Sky bove, Dirty Scoundrels Below

The Freedom of Inmformation Act has started to expose the heinous process now underway in Sumner. You do know of course that some citizens know the game. Listen to them, listen to others who have come before you, and are now sorry they could not or did not act more forcefully.
FOIA precipitated the response of the Selectmen.

The only reason to cause panic with FOIA is if there is something to hide,
AS THERE ALWAYS IS, with Wind Scoundrel Companies and the uncivil dealings pursued in towns throughout Maine concerning wind scamming, and subsidy sucking.

Fact: Citizens retained a lawyer to serve FOIA on the town concerning its dealings with Eolian.

the procfess has begun, but now, citizens know the game too!

Ordinance Up , before it is too late .
Vermin always spread rapidly.

Gary Steinberg's picture

Beware the Wind Scoundrels Knocking at YOUR DOOR!

Now properties are for sale with no buyers in Lincoln, people are aghast at the project. It is too late for the fools in Lincoln, don't add to the fools of Sumner!

Always remember this; they are All Despicable Snake Oil Salesmen.

They have probably bought off several selectmen in all probability, and had secret session illegal meetings, the modus operandi of "Wind developers"in Maine.

They are neither virtuous nor wise. The developers like King and First Wind are mostly cynical profiteers out to make a buck, who pull the necessary strings and grease the necessary palms to win their approvals.They are opportunists who travel to financially distressed rural areas of Maine and entice unsuspecting residents and rural folks to sign their lease agreements which neuter their rights to their own land.Most of the others are ill-informed and idealistic-and maybe a bit impulsive-who have no idea what they are in for once the blades of the industrial energy generator begin to spin. They reassure energy committees and town fathers that everything will be fine. They bribe with other half baked schemes. Talk is cheap!

They are no more than despicable snake oil scoundrels and salesmen, using political influence and your tax dollar to make millions off the backs of Mainers to scam taxes and desecrate environment.

Believe nothing they say , and kick them out, or you will be ruined, like Lincoln was.


Brad Blake's picture

Lies, Misrepresentations and Distortions

Another greedy subsidy seeking carpetbagger wind developer can to town to woo the locals with the wonders of wind and the promises of being a good neighbor. Rubbish! We have seen and heard all this before from these predators. Who in Sumner will be the victims, the citizens who become expendable to the wind development? 1500 feet is an inadequate set back and the computer models are always wrong. Just ask the people where turbines are already up: Mars Hills, Freedom, Vinalhaven, Lincoln, Lee.

The wind developer is the slick salesman and cannot be trusted. All they do is trot out the platitudes and dangle a pittance of money in front of landowners and town officials and those well-intentioned people who want to be "green". What you get are blasted, leveled and scalped ridges, with huge, noisy, bird & bat-killing machines that become an omnipresent ugly feature of your town. You get something that would exist without subsidies and mandates, that doesn't produce enough electricity to pay for itself, that the developer can walk away from and abandon at any time because so much of the money is made up front.

Do not believe anything the developer says. Do believe other bad experiences with wind developers. Do act in the interest of protecting all citizens of Sumner and enact a wind ordinance that is for the citizens of Sumner and not to enable this scam.

Alice Barnett's picture


The links will bring you to noise reports...scroll down to pretty maps.

10dbc increase equals to a doubling of noise to your ear.
Spruce Mountain is rural and it's ambient (background) noise is 20 dcb.

Saddleback ridge is rural = 20 dcb.

So each project has 45dcb just short of a residence. (by turning down turbines at night, making less power)
So each resident will hear 5 times a noise they hear now.
This 5 timesing of noise is an ADVERSE impact to residents with-in a mile of any project, anywhere.


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