Third time for Rumford

Rumford is working on a third wind project moratorium for 180 days.

The first ordinance was created by a very anti-wind project board. They now want to be included in the third attempt to work with the new selectboard.

The second board could not agree on certain items.

I have to agree with Candice Casey that the town doesn't have people qualified to create a wind power ordinance. I believe the voters in town do not have any faith in the local boards. Some of the people on the boards had never been to a wind project until after they served on the ordinance board. How could these people understand what problems could be created with such a large and technical project?

The Department of Environmental Protection standards and the state Planning Office have made many changes since the first industrial wind project. The state has qualified engineers and environmental personnel to inspect and regulate the industry.

I believe they have the best interest of the state's population in mind and would work with towns proposing wind projects. An ordinance created with those people and local people would probably pass with a yes vote.

Landowners are waiting before they sell any land to the wind project developers. I believe they should not be taxed for land held from sale to wind projects. They also have the option to close all their land for recreational purposes to the general public.

How long will this fiasco have to be extended?

Richard McInnis, Rumford

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Mark Belanger's picture

I still feel the town should

I still feel the town should adopt DEP standards on this issue. This third attempt will be an antiwind ordinance as well. The towns people need to realize the taxes that we will be losing because of Roger Arsenault, Peter Buotte, Jim Thibodeau and there antiwind crew. Are they willing to pay the town the $600,000.00 per year plus for twenty years? And that is on the low side. These are the very people that have there hand out wanting tax dollars for Black Mountain. As things keep changing as far as the Paper Mill is concerned we will wish we had those additional tax dollars.

Edward Bulger's picture

Wind Power Blows

Mark and Frank,
First what I think your not getting is a lot of the people here in Rumford are not in favor of wind power. Out of state people want wind towers in our area to power their needs. Why don't they just simply build them in their own back yards then?
The greatest asset we have in this part of Maine is our hills mountains and the wildlife they support. This God givin gift will be forever ruined if we let these rich thieves steel what we have and we will never make up for that in tax dollars. I no longer ski or use recreational vehicles but when I look out accross the street from my home I see Barker Mountain and the ridge line that I hunted and hiked in my youth. To imagine that ridge lined with some greedy rich mans ugly alien looking eye sores blows my mind. How dare you guys put the real value of our area at risk for a chance to save a couple bucks. You know you can't prove the savings in tax dollars you say we will make.
There are much more efficiant ways to make electricity then these wind towers that are built in other countrys using coal fired power sorces to make the steel. Real green isn't it. The real reason the wind ordinance didn't pass is because the majority of the people living in this town do not want wind power period. We see what is happening in Roxbury and are sickened by it. The complaining that it has created should wake you up. When these giant scars on Record mountain are operational we will all see hear and feel what a mistake they are first hand.
I went to Roxbury Pond last Friday to have lunch with my wife. I was driving behind a pick-up truck with out of state plates. On the rear window was a sticker that read Wind Power. It was plain to see he was one of the out of state poeple making money off the wind project. I couldn't help think there was something about that sticker that was missing. Wind Power-stinks? No. Wind Power Is Inefficiant? yes but no. Oh ya it should have said Wind Power Blows.


You are right all points Richard. But the board in place in Rumford is being controlled by three people and the other two have become tag alongs because they just want to put an end to it. They are afraid to speak up on the points you made.


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