Judge upholds Maine's sex offender registry

AUGUSTA (AP) — A Superior Court judge has upheld Maine's sex-offender registry in a challenge brought by more than a dozen plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs contended among other things that the law shouldn't have been applied retroactively to them. Most of the plaintiffs, who are known in their lawsuit as John Doe, had received a restraining order allowing them to avoid registering.

Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy granted a summary judgment rejecting the challenge.

Attorney General William Schneider said Friday the decision "upholds the Legislature's efforts to reduce incidents of sexual exploitation, violence and abuse in Maine."

In her 70-page ruling, Murphy said the state "has significant and legitimate reasons in monitoring the whereabouts and activities of sex offenders who reside throughout Maine." She rejected claims that the sexual offender registry is unconstitutional.

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sex offender registry

This is unconstitutional! It is double jeopardy and like being resentenced without a new trial. Alot of these people have learned from their crimes and they have done their time! We don't have an arsonist registry or a burglary registry. I would want to know if one of these people were living next door to me. What is the arsonist got an URGE to BURN my house down?

Licia Kuenning's picture

Not a fair decision

This judge is allowing public fear of sex offenders to override her judgment of what is fair and constitutional. A person commits a crime and serves their penalty--they should then be encouraged to live a better life, not labeled and turned into a pariah. I hope the U.S. Supreme Court will get at this type of case.

Jim Cyr's picture

Not fair!

Ms. Kuenning, you and I are in the minority but your view from the Constitutional point is RIGHT ON! I applaud you! Keep the Faith!

sex offender

Once a sex offender always a sex offender...Perverts...

They commit the crime, they

They commit the crime, they do the time and pay for their actions..glad to see that this judge is doing her job...they certainly should have to register if they are sex offenders..I want to know if they live near me so I can warn the grandkids about them..they should think of this when they commit the acts that put them on this registry in the first place...


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