Take responsibility

If memory serves me correctly, the tax cuts, war in Iraq and the drug bill were all supported by Democrats.

But why hold them them accountable for anything? Especially the last 2-1/2 years of such failed economic policies.

President Barack Obama needs to grow up and take responsibility for his contribution to the mess.

Larry Carrier, Sabattus

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Actually the democrats were held accountable in the last election which saw republican wins in the house and in many state governorships. Looking at the messes in our economy, unemployment, housing, the financial sector and in the four war fronts that we have now it does not appear to have solved much of anything. Maybe the next election will be less about gridlock, corruption and media spin and more about what is good for the country and long range solutions. Well a person can dream can't she?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate has found very few

The Pirate has found very few occasions in which he was able to agree with Ms. Gamache. In this case, however, she is spot on. Well stated, Madam.


2009 and 2010 saw the

2009 and 2010 saw the attempted beginning of the fundamental transformation of America. They were such a disaster that enough of the country came to its senses and took back the House, to try to stop the bleeding. Evidently it was too late. Obama is determined to lead us into another recession.

Since fiscal bills must originate in the House, it's not likely that they will pass some sort of "revenue" enhancements that the Senate will accept. Nor will the House Republicans get meaningful tax and spending cuts passed the Senate. It's all up to Nov. 2012.

Democrats: Take the House back, get 60 Senate seats, reelect Obama (pardon me: retch), do what you want, and stop whining. Of course, running on your record won't accomplish any of that.

Republicans: Keep the House, sweep into 60 Senate seats, fundamentally transform the occupant of 1600 Penn. Ave., do what you want, and stop whining. Your winning campaign is: The Keystone Kops could do a better job than the current lefties.

RONALD RIML's picture

Dont take your 'Memory' to the bank, Larry....

"Tax Cuts" are a Republican Mantra.....

And until Obama morphed into whatever the hell 'unrecognizable' evil twin he has occupying the White House now - he was originally dead set against the Iraq War. Most Democrats I know want us out of there and Afghanistan like yesteryear.....

Occasionally the 'original' Obama will rear his head and mention 'Tax Revenues' - but the Republican Crescendo will drown him out. That's guaranteed to keep the mess alive.

Joe Morin's picture


Ron, I've said this time and time again. It's obvious why conservatives don't like Obama but he does stuff that contradicts his promises and pisses off the left. It's unique to be able to anger both sides simultaneously. Libya, to me, was a shocker. On top of the wars, Gitmo, Employment rate... He either was putting a turkey in every pot, realized perception & reality are two seperate things, or was compromised by the corruption that is D.C.. Democrat primary '12???

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

..."He either was putting a

..."He either was putting a turkey in every pot"....
The surprising thing is that he hasn't attempted to put pot in every turkey. I can just hear him.."Keep 'em high and I can get away with just about anything. Oh, get some skin in the game, baby"....

 's picture

typical racist comment, way

typical racist comment, way to not disappoint, paul

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Haha..a day isn't complete

Haha..a day isn't complete without a racist or bigot accusation from tron...
Is it racist to think that the only reason he hasn't been impeached yet, is because he's black?

RONALD RIML's picture

In light of the fact that he hasn't been charged with an

impeachable offense -

I'de have to say the answer is 'Yes'

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If white people don't vote

If white people don't vote for him because he's black, it's racist, but if black people vote for him because he's black, it isn't. How's that work?

RONALD RIML's picture

Who said it wasn't???

Yer turn.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'm not sure I wanna go down

I'm not sure I wanna go down that road. According to Tron, the Pirate's already a racist, so why fan the flames? It's been written, though, that those who see racism in most things are, themselves, more racist than those whom they accuse of being racist.

Quick change of subject: How do you folks in the Boothbay area like all that nice new pavement on Rt. 27?

RONALD RIML's picture

I always told the ghetto dwellers

That I was an equal-opportunity azz-hole; which I'm sure I would fetch a dozen 'agrees' here.

My experience was that there was some racism, which the victims of didn't let pass unchallenged; and in many other cases - when that's the only card one effectively knows how to play - you play it.

Sort of like other folks here always playing the 'immigrant' card (or some other) because that's what they've been fed. As one broadens their depth of understanding, one understands there are many more forces at play, including personal responsibility.

So did the 'Pirate' garner a few sheckels off that beautiful winding strip down the Peninsula?? It sure is 'cunning' as the natives say....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

'personal responsibility'

'personal responsibility' says it all. The lack thereof is the cause of a great deal of what's wrong with America today.

What are your thoughts on Ghadafi and Libya? Is he simply in hiding, awaiting a resurgence of power at a later date? Has he set a deadly trap for the rebels, as was suggested on the tube this morning? If that's true, and a bloodbath ensues, will obama keep his pledge of "no boots on the ground in Libya"? We probably ought to finish up on a couple of wars before jumping into another. Heard the other day that we're going to be in Afghanistan until 2024. Why?

The Pirate has yet to ride the new winding strip yet, as he tends to avoid the Wiscasset gridlock between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I am close to the people who did the work, though. I'll pass on the 'cunning' attribute.

RONALD RIML's picture

Unique to piss off both sides??

With a bit of research you'll find that's not really new in the annals of Presidential History. I don't see a primary at this point - Clinton's visibly aged with the stress of SOS responsibility, and no other heir apparents are clamoring at the gates.

I believe history will vindicate Obama in re Nato/Libya. Afghanistan is a different kettle of fish and is a definite albatross he needlessly drapped around his neck.

U.S. Corporations have been more than catered to - and they've rewarded us how? They don't know the meaning of restrictions and over-regulation. Now it's time to let them know that "Yes - they are 'people' and some people need their asses kicked."

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Is there any reason to think

Is there any reason to think history will not refer to him as a one term president? Some would argue that the 2012 presidential election is the Republicans' to lose; that's very scary because of the "too much rope" syndrome. "Give a man enough rope and he'll hang himself; give him too much and he'll screw it up." The Republicans, as most of us know, are quite capable of screwing it up, even though, unless something miraculous were to happen to the economy or the job market, it's theirs for the plucking. Like picking tall blueberries, as they say.

RONALD RIML's picture

And the scariest thing about it......

It's the Republicans to lose, and the field is totally comprised of "Whack-Jobs R US"

With one notable exception. Who will be completely ignored.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

With good reason...

With good reason...

 's picture

too bad your Alzheimer is

too bad your Alzheimer is kicking in, Larry, or is it just selective memory?

Joe Morin's picture

Well put Dan

Strong points and a wonderfull refute...Excellent use of Ad Hominem.


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